Women in astronomy

  •  "Women in Astronomy"

    1. For the presentation "Women in Astronomy" partners should edit this http://bit.ly/3etmY0s  google presentation following the format shown there and add their slides.

    2. Then they click File/Download/JPG image and they download each one of their slides as images.

    3. Then downloaded image must be uploaded to the padlet https://padlet.com/etwpetroupoli/astrowomen in the right order according to the time.

    4. For their slide, in the same presentation,  partners should can also create an extra slide with questions to be added in a common kahoot game




    Play the game we have created so far using this link

    You can play as a guest or use it in your class and post your results in the twinboard

    When you choose Play as a guest option then a new code for the game is created

    You can use this link in a single-player mode


  • A report for your work on this activity and your score from the game -presentations, screenshots etc- can be posted here

    10 March 2021
    Online shared to FB group challenge (1st week of March)
    10 March 2021-Ilion A1b
    8 March at Ilion

    Students are working for a month (since "Women in Science Day" in February) and celebrate today's "International women's day" with uploading their slides in the collaborative timeline of women in astronomy.

    Ilion, 19 February (3)
    Ilion, 19 February(2)
    Ilion, 19 February (1)
    Gamze KÖKSALDI-Zubeyde Hanım Secondary School-İstanbul/ Turkey