Students evaluation


    The evaluation process by the students was an important concern throughout the project. We have designed activities that had clear aims about students' competencies A pretest in a google form and as a game (for students with learning difficulties and for partners that have joined the project late) had been used in January-February to detect our students' knowledge and misconceptions so that teachers to focus on specific issues when we were working after in the experimental activities. 


    It is interesting to see that for the 68 students (average age 13 years old, with Dnipro students being 15-16) that had participated in the pretest,  questions like orientation on a map, use of tools, verticality and parallelism, though are on their curriculums had not proved to be trivial for the students as significant number of them had failed to answer successfully. Of course, the questions about astronomy -solar noon, sun rays, even the explanation of day and night-, were even more difficult. Also, many students could not recognize the tools, especially the spirit level and they were messing the use of a protractor with that of a set square.  

    In September (Lafrancaise) and in December (Ilion) had used the same questions of the pretest to check the students' progress. Lafrancaise had one test from one student and one as a team for 3 students while Ilion had 4 answers by students working on teams. In both cases, teachers had noticed that students had significant progress in the questions about orientation, use of tools, astronomy but still there were difficulties on questions about math.

    The results of the test (all the 74 answers) in this file


    All classes' Live events had activities that our students offered feedback on and were a kind of formative evaluation

    Also, our students' scores in a kahoot game and their answers in a mentimeter when we had the 10 classes Live event on 02 April was helpful feedback for the teachers

    (MID-TERM Evaluation results here)


    Students testimonials in December

    • Freestyle "goodbye"-final students' words

    Students' special testimonials:

    -"I had the same feedback yesterday from a student that is leaving Junior High school in June (he is in the C' grade). Among his best experiences in my ICT class during these 3 years with me and having participated in 3 eTwinning projects his reference is on the Eratosthenes 2020 project that he had participated in when he was in the A' grade. Indeed, this is the best feedback for the teachers and the project" teacher Athanasia-Ilion


  • Photos of our students working on the Evaluation


    Lafrançaise (Sonic-Kyles)


    Lafrançaise (Mémé-Emerson)


    Lafrançaise (Toto-Thomas)


    Lafrançaise (Nanasse-Anaïs)


    Lafrançaise : (nana 60 / mama 50 / lili 76)

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    test as teams December 2021

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece
    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    students final words

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    Pretest in January

    Evaluation experiments

    Busteni-Romania-Iuliana Ciubuc