• 1. Eratosthenes in twitter

    Description of the activity:

    • In the following shared google slide(link here to edit), we follow Eratosthenes profile/activity in twitter
    • Each school creates a new slide (page in this presentation) posting a tweet and optional a photo, and name of the school and the date, and optional sources (if there is a reference in the tweet). An example is presented on the second page of the slide (as ILION's school creation)
    • This new slide(page) is downloaded as an image (File/Download/ JPEG Image)
    • The image is uploaded in the Discussion (link here)
    • Students "quote" (reply) the posted tweets

    We  hope our students have fun with this, learn more about Eratosthenes and his era while searching for "valid" tweets, and experiment with a way to respond with comments in "social media"


    2. TRUE or FAKE? 

    (this activity is proposed by the Aigio team)

    In this forum (link) students can post true or fake statements about Eratosthenes method and the other students quote/reply if the statements are true or fake


    3. Posters/presentations/videos for SID

    are posted in the twinboard in this page


  • SID 2021-A Board for partners' creative work on SID 2021

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece
    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece
    Gamze KÖKSALDI-Zubeyde Hanım Secondary School-İstanbul/ Turkey
    No copyright image collection about internet safety
    Manos and Rayen, Ilion 08-02-2021
    Dimitris, ilion, 08/02/2021
    Aris and Eugenios, Ilion 08/02/2021
    Eleni and Michaela, Ilion 08/02/2021
    Peter≥orge, Ilion 08/02/2021
    Nikos, Ilion, 08-02-2021
    Hlianna Ilion 08-02-2021
    Maria, Ilion, 08-02-2021
    Working on Eratosthenes tweets, Ilion, 12 March 2021



    poster-parent's permision-Iuliana Ciubuc