• Expected impact on the participants, participating organisations, target groups and other relevant stakeholders:

    The most impartant impact we aim to achieve is the impact on two target groups which are the participating students and teachers.

    The students will:
    - acquire a wide variety of digital skills necessary for their face-to-face lessons and online teaching
    - acquire soft and hard skills relevant for their future education, they will become more creative and enterpreneurial and gain practical experience in communication and collaboration with their peers from Europe
    - develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, decision-making, meta-cognition, learning to learn, skills and improve their knowledge on citizenship
    - become more aware of personal and social responsibility, cultural awareness, interpersonal and intercultural skills
    - become aware of intercultural differences and be able to assess the value of their own personal skills in the partner countries
    - realize their strengths and weaknesses in terms of digital technologies requirements and be able to tackle their weaknesses
    - gain an understanding of the digital skills required and acquire the skills that go beyond purely academic or vocational qualifications
    - improve their communication in foreign languages and thus improve their communication skills
    - become more entrepreneurial in their learning, increase their motivation/ achievement levels and be encouraged to proceed to higher education
    - acquire entrepreneurship skills such as proper time management and project management through planning, implementation, documentation and evaluation activities
    - gain a better understanding of EU citizenship and democracy, increase their EU awareness and develop a positive attitude towards European values
    - develop empathy, respect for other cultures/nationalities and a positive attitude towards diversity and inclusion.
    The teachers will:
    - realize the importance and necessity of improving, developing and bringing new teaching skills in schools and they will improve their methodical skills in teaching
    - become acquainted with innovative methods, didactic strategies and interdisciplinary techniques and thus improve their own teaching styles to teach and assess the acquisition of skills
    - improve their knowledge, skills and expertise in the use of ICT pedagogically in the classroom, ICT as an aid to learning, ICT as a presentation tool and netiquette
    - increase their own motivation for teaching and job satisfaction by exchanging, testing and applying innovative methods
    - be more ready to make the process of learning skills in schools easier.

    The impact on the participating schools will be to:
    - implement and create innovative new approaches to encourage and promote innovation by expanding into a new area of teaching specific subject through the use of digital technologies in everyday classes and to provide more attractive education by integrating digital skills into the curriculum
    - increase their capacity to collaborate with local authorities, local companies and other educational institutions
    - provide a more modern, dynamic and professional environment for the students
    - develop a spirit of initiative and willingness to continue with international cooperation and raise European dimension in their schools
    - develop/increase their skills in project management
    - improve their reputation as teachers by providing additional learning input (skills based teaching) and participation in international cooperation

    The impact on other relevant stakeholders:
    - the families will look after guest students in their homes and show their culture to others, if the situation is favourable
    - other schools interested will be able to benefit from the results of our project by following our project, using our products, keeping and re-using our products in the future
    - the companies, institutions and organisations in the local communities of the partner schools will develop a sense of social responsibility towards schools, they will help the students to explore the opportunities in their local area.

    Desired impact of the project at the local, regional, national, European and/or international levels:
    The desired impact of the project at the local, regional, national, European levels is to be a good model for other schools in teaching digital skills and assessing the progress and achievements. We want other teachers in our schools and other schools at all levels to use our products and results, or to use our project as an example of good practice, to improve students' digital skills, and all the other necessary skills which make both a student and a teacher a complete and fulfilled person. Sustainability of the project results is imperative as we do not see this project as a fusion of activities to be done in two years' time only, but we see it as a requirement for all of us facing new school challenges and a way to have fruitful and successful future work.

    Participating teachers will implement innovative teaching methods to teach their subjects using interesting and interactive digital tools. The impact the project will have on the participating teachers is the opportunity to develop their organization and management skills through running and managing the project, develop their professional portfolio, work in the international surrounding as they will cooperate with their European colleagues by sharing new methods, they will be using non-formal and formal education approaches and involve mixed-ablility students through more attractive education programs. All partner schools will have the opportunity to work in a transnational surrounding and achieve teachers' development, which will directly result in long-term school improvement.

    We expect there to be a considerable interest in our dissemination platforms, which will help us to disseminate our project results to as many as schools in Europe as possible, which will provide a positive attitude towards our schools by improving our reputations at local, regional and national levels. We intend to inspire other teachers to overcome fears and dive into a new areas of teaching digitally in order to prepare for the challenges awaiting all of us in nowadays world. We feel there is a growing need for trainings, courses and projects on digital technologies education, and we want our project to be inspiration for some other teachers to set up similar projects. We would like to our final product (the e-book) to be recognized as a teaching material at national/European level and by participating in a European project on digital education we want to promote our schools at local, regional, national, European and international levels.