• Secondary School for General Education "Ivan Vazov" is situated in Mezdra, a small town in the North-West part of Bulgaria. Our organization was founded in 1923 and currently, it educates students in 23 classes, implementing a complete structure from 1st to 12th grades with 446 students. In primary and secondary stage the school has classes with advanced study of choreography in which students are trained in love of dance. There is a school dance group, which has won many awards at competitions and concerts. In high school stage students are directed to classes with intensive study of English with admission after 7th grade- "Technological profile with Information Technology", profile "Humanitarian", profile ‘’Tourism’’ and Vocational classes ‘’E-commerce’’. Besides English, they study Russian.

    Our institution represents a small community with often limited opportunities to benefit from a newly integrated Europe. In the case of Secondary School “Ivan Vazov”, the number of children without parents’ control is getting higher every year because of the unemployment and the needs of the parents to try to make a living abroad. Furthermore, a relatively high percentage of Romi students (approximately 20%) raise the need to better integrate the student population through a project that raises awareness of Europe’s diverse backgrounds. The school is a center of inclusive education and it creates excellent conditions for working with students with special educational needs in the Municipality of Mezdra. Currently, the school is working on many national programs and projects.

    The team of "Ivan Vazov" has established a structure of Director, Deputy - Director of Student Affairs, Deputy - director of administrative business, School Parliament and 11 people administrative support staff. We have 49 qualified teachers who prepare students giving them the chance to get a job after graduation or attend a university. The school has set up a Public Council and School Board who support different activities in school life. In this composition Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" has well-organized, stable and vigorous educational system.

    Our school is relatively experienced in projects. Last school year, the school was working on four European projects under the program "Erasmus +": three of which are for student mobility and one for teacher mobility, "Support for Success" and "Education for Tomorrow". The school has an active student parliament, which implements a number of initiatives for promotion of youth activity and we participated in the European programme "School-Ambassador of the EP" where we got first place among more than 40 schools in Bulgaria, which won a trip of junior ambassadors to the EP in Strasbourg. The school has worked on a project of EMEPA "I love nature and I participate", on a project of COIDUEM "School for all", NP

    "No free time at school", NP "All-day organization of the school process "; NP '' Providing a modern educational environment," Module "Improving the laboratory and experimental work in the field of natural sciences ", NP" Warm milk "and" Fruit in school "for students from 1st to 4th grade. So I think we can find the best team for this project connected to digital learning and safety on the net, which will be of great benefit for students and teachers in the era of digitalization.

    Project team: project manager, technical assistant and financially responsible person, as well as school psychologist, IT, sports and dance teachers,. Project manager – Mariela Goranova, director, with many years of experience in various projects under the programs "Leonardo", "Youth", "Erasmus +", etc .. In the present project will plan, allocate tasks and control the implementation of project activities. The accountant on the project - Rumyana Yordanova, chief accountant of the school. She has a university degree in economics and is with many years of experience in the financial management of various school projects. Project Coordinator - Yoana Konstantinova - English teacher, organizes, coordinates and monitors the implementation of the activities set out in the work schedule.