• SHORT TERM EXCHANGE OF GROUPS OF PUPILS IN MALAGA, SPAIN 15-18 FEBRUARY 2022 “HERITAGE AND DIGITAL LEARNING” The objectives of the short term exchange of students in Spain are the following:

    ● Getting to know the other countries’ heritage by presentations about their local and national heritage as well as guided tours.

    ● Spreading the cultural heritage of our school.

    ● Developing international awareness and European citizenship.

    ● Foreign students and teachers getting to know basic Spanish vocabulary and asking basic questions in Spanish.

    ● Learning more about cultural heritage by participating in workshops, training and visits.

    ● Preparing materials connected to the topic “Heritage and Digital Learning”.

    ● Teachers sharing good practices by getting to know different educational tools and apps.

    ● Preparing and organizing guided tours to the main cultural heritage sites of Malaga and Andalusia.

    ● Discussing project outcomes like the eBook.

    ● Improving student participation on eTwinning.

    ● Visiting and learning about cultural heritage, traditions and customs in Spain to acquire intercultural understanding.

    ● Improving communication in English, the language of the project.

    ● Improving ICT skills by means of a workshop and the making of videos about the sites visited.

    ● Promoting inclusion of students from diverse backgrounds.

    ● Improving social and collaborative skills.

    During the second short term exchange of groups of pupils, the activities have been continuously connected to the objectives of the project as follows:

    The first day of the meeting (15 February 2022) started with the welcome of the headteacher, Julia del Pino, followed by a workshop on basic Spanish vocabulary and questions which had been prepared by Spanish Language teacher Isabel Romero - foreign teachers and students had to write the answer to some questions in a form given to them. Then, the foreign students were taken on a guided tour of our historic school that had been prepared with the aid of teachers Rafael Maldonado and Laura Garví, and led by students in 10th grade, while teachers had a training on school heritage carried out by History teacher Rafael Maldonado. After that, the students participated in a workshop organized and carried out by IT expert Iván Ruiz about different video tools, focusing on video creation and edition ( hop) while foreign teachers and a small representation of Spanish students were welcomed in the City Hall by deputies and the major of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre. A tour of the City Hall was given as part of local cultural heritage, and the project was presented in front of the local authorities and media. After lunch, at a typical restaurant in the city centre, teachers and students had a guided tour in English of the historic city centre, finishing with the interior of the Cathedral, all leading to a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of the city. Since this first day and on to the last one of the meeting, as well as before, students who were not hosting a foreign student (because they live in foster homes, they come from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds, or they could not host for other reasons) took an active role in all of the activities, participating in the organization, workshops, visits and producing outputs (videos, podcast, blog, brochures) as a means to promote inclusion.

    The second day of the meeting (16 February, 2022) was also devoted to getting acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city of Malaga and the heritage of the different countries participating in the project. The day started with presentations (including videos and questionnaires) prepared by each country and presented by the foreign students about their countries’ heritage, and continued with a treasure hunt based on the cultural heritage of the school: students, by international teams, had to solve puzzles of the most iconic heritage of this school such as the main historic courtyard. This activity was led by students of the school, who had prepared it with the aid of P.E. teacher Santiago Salazar and English teacher Laura Garví. While the treasure hunt was going on, teachers had a meeting to discuss the progress of the project. After these, participants left school to discover more of the cultural heritage of the city on-site. Guided tours of the Roman theater and the Alcazaba were taken, the former being one of the most ancient heritage sites in the city, and the latter the best example of medieval times. Both were led by professional guides in English, who kindly explained everything about the sites and answered participants’ questions, who in turn took pictures and prepared material for their videos. When both tours were over, the whole group went to have lunch at the same restaurant as the previous day, “El Mentidero”, and after it a walk to the Gibralfaro Castle was taken.

    On the third day of the exchange (17 February, 2022) we had a field trip by bus to visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in the city of Granada: the Alhambra and the Sacromonte. Both were led by professional guides who focused on the value of this heritage and made an interactive walk, including places not visited by the general public such as the Generalife orchards. These visits were possible thanks to the collaboration of the educational enterprise “La Alhambra educa”, a public institution. After three hours in the Alhambra, the whole group walked down the Rey Chico street towards Paseo de los Tristes, and had lunch at the restaurant “Puerta de los Tristes”. Students and teachers enjoyed a little free time, and at 16’00 the activities resumed with a Sacromonte tour, led by two professional guides in English - the group walked through the Sacromonte to the Centre of Interpretation of Flamenco, where they learned about the birth and development of this intangible world heritage as well as the creation of Sacromonte and the traditional cave dwellings of this neighbourhood. After two hours, the group walked down to Paseo de los Tristes and up to the Alhambra parking in order to take the bus back to Malaga.

    On the fourth day of the meeting (18 February, 2022) the students prepared the videos about the heritage sites during the first three hours of the morning, in the workshop prepared for that purpose, in international groups made by students of at least two different countries and supervised by teachers of English and IT. In the meanwhile, project teachers had a meeting to discuss the outcomes of the project (the eBook) as well as how to improve participation in eTwinning. At noon, the group left the school to get the bus for the last visit of the week, the Botanic Garden “La Concepción”, a mixture of cultural and natural heritage which also included a guided tour where the whole group was split in two and led by professional guides who explained the origin of the cultural heritage (the historic house) and the natural heritage present in the garden (characteristics of the different plant species and curiosities about them). The group had a sandwich for lunch while in the garden and after the visit we took the bus back to Malaga. At 17’00 the group met again at school for the projection of the videos that had been done by students, one for each heritage site visited during the first three days (Cathedral, Roman Theater, Alcazaba, Alhambra and Sacromonte). Each international group presented their video and then had a little free time before the farewell dinner and a ceremony in which there were music performances by the students and the certificates were given to each participant.

    During the mobility, students were hosted in the evenings by Spanish families and had dinner together with their Spanish peers. They had the opportunity to get to know better the Spanish customs and traditions, specifically those of Malaga and also international traditions as some of the Spanish students have international origins, and, perhaps most importantly, made new friends and improved their English by practising it.

    The results of this short term exchange of students are not only material ones like brochures (the 10th grade students who conducted the guided tour of the school had designed a leaflet with the most relevant information about the school that was given to all the foreign participants and remains for cultural dissemination of the school heritage; a brochure about educational apps was also made by participating students), posters and the videos created by international groups, but also the improvement of the participants’ skills in English and other languages, ICT and communication skills, collaborative and social skills, a better understanding of the importance of heritage and its conservation and protection, as well as cultural knowledge about all partner countries and the development of international awareness, with the added value of European citizenship. This mobility has brought together people of six different nationalities who forged lasting friendships.

    Video of the Italian team on Malaga

    ES VIDEO SUMMARY Malaga Feb 22,2022


    Program DEF KA226 Project ONLINE “Our New Learning Innovative Network for Education”.pdf

    Here is the program for the mobility in Spain


    School welcome


    Basic Spanish


    Reception at the City Hall


    Guided tour at school


    Teachers workshop on Cultural heritage


    A tour of the city centre and Cathedral




    Treasure hunt


    Cultural heritage of Málaga


    Teachers meeting




    Cultural heritage: Malaga Alcazaba


    UNESCO world heritage: Alhambra


    A visit to Sacromonte


    The Botanic Garden 'La concepción' in Malaga


    Video editing workshop


    eTwinning time


    Surveys report


    Presenting videos


    Farewell dinner