We are anticipating the following tangible results:
    An e-book with all the didactic materials is the final product which can be used as a teaching or reference material by the partner schools in the future. The e-book will include the following products/outcomes/results/activities or the links of these products/outcomes/results/activities:

    • A collection of didactic materials used during the project, the students in each country will prepare a brochure with the title " Digital tools used in online learning"
    • A collection of videos containing the results of the activities. each school will upload them on their school's Youtube channel
    • A collection of lesson plans prepared according to the innovative lesson plan model which elaborates on different forms of learning outcomes
    • A collection of questionnaires and assessment / evaluation forms
    • A project logo
    • Promotional posters, brochures, videos made throughout the project's duration
    • The project website
    • The e-twinning project
    • Students' blogs
    • Online newspapers after each L/T/T activity/transnational meeting (HR)
    • The analysis of the surveys which will be filled in by participating students after each mobility
    • Webinars and online meetings