The Francisco de Holanda School Group (AEFH), legally established in 2013, is composed by a group of four schools located in Guimarães, which is a world heritage city. Currently AEFH has approximately 2500 students in its universe, in different levels and courses, including, also, the pupils with special educational needs. Specifically, comprises levels from pre-school to secondary education and has in its educational offer vocational courses and humanistic sciences courses such as arts, economics, sciences and technologies, languages and humanities, as well as adult education and training. It is also highlighted the partnership with the Music Conservatory of Guimarães, in the dynamization of the articulated teaching of music. The diversity of offers is one of the milestones of the AEFH and combined with the significant number of students, the excellence of the projects and activities and the competence of educators places this institution in a prominent position.

    The AEFH assumes, furthermore, a valuable multicultural feature, having several students from other countries. This internationalization sensitizes the elements of the educational community to the diversity of cultures, and allows the broadening of cultural and social horizons, with the acceptance of intercultural awareness and, at the same time, improvement of linguistic competences. The participation of AEFH in international projects promotes the full inclusion of all participants, provides equal opportunities and more synergies and the interaction between formal, informal and non-formal learning, to increase the potential of ICT skills and, in particular, to level of leadership, collaborative work and innovative methodologies, promoters of educational success. We have several eTwinning projects some of them related also to the Erasmus projects.Our school was awarded with eTwinning School Label 2019-2020.

    AEFH has been very active in EU projects and has established, throughout the years, several protocols with the local city council and other authorities and institutions promoting activities that integrate our students in the local and school community. AEFH has the policy of creating, every school year, a successful activity plan with several projects in all fields that involve students with or without special needs. In the activity plan the use of ICT and digital competences in the educational context is enhanced and several actions, projects, competitions and multidisciplinary activities about the topic are implemented, moreover in the particular actual situation with online teaching, learning and training.

    The key persons involved in the project are the facilitators, coordinators, organizers or participants in most of the activities described in the previous item as well as coordinators and partners in other Erasmus+ projects and therefore have the experience and expertise in terms of cooperation and intercultural collaboration. Creativity, leadership, management, communication and ICT are also among their skills. One of the key persons has experience in supervising teacher trainees and works directly with the school board. The other key person has a higher academic background (PhD), has experience with teachers training and ICT competences, is a Director Deputy, the coordinator of a multidisciplinary team that works directly with students with special needs, the coordinator of many of the school activities, and the training teacher’s consultant.