• The project coordinator will be in charge of smooth running of the project and will ensure that all partners participate in planning, implementation and follow-up activities. Each partner will be responsible for creating specific activities and workshops for the topic they are in charge of:


    Safety of the Internet (Bulgaria),

    E-commerce (Italy),

    Learning with digital photography (Croatia),

    Heritage and Digital Learning (Spain),

    Video technologies (Turkey),

    Digital Pedagogy Game Based Learning (Portugal).

    Each partner will have responsibilities and contribute to the smooth running of the project by being in charge of certain tasks and responsibilities:

    - Croatia will be responsible for general coordination of the project ensuring that all the tasks are done properly and according to the set timetable and deadlines, planning, organization and management and writing meeting minutes and official reports,

    - Bulgaria will be in charge of all social media sites and making reports and analysis of how successful we are at disseminating our project (analysis will be made 3 times a year)

    - Portugal will be in charge of preparation of before and after the mobility questionnaires and making reports on the same, and evaluation of LTT activities

    - Turkey will be in charge of the web page and our eTwinning project

    - Spain will be in charge of collecting photos and videos and will be responsible for creating the final video that will consist of different phases during the project

    - Italy will be in charge of collecting, defining and coordinating the use of common working methods among partners and preparation of the e-book.

    The project coordinator will have the task of distribution of assignments and tasks among partners and communication with all partners, will be responsible for the mobility agenda, monitoring of the project's progress and risk management. All partners have agreed to commit themselves to respond promptly, work hard and obey deadlines in order to meet the objectives and the needs of the project. We have already created groups on different message applications (gmail, WhatsApp, Messenger) and we will also communicate through eTwinning, emails, videocalls and phone. We all understand that successful cooperation is based on communication and clarification of tasks.

    Each school that will host LTT will be responsible for organizing the activities according to the timetable. They will organize study visits, invite members of local institutions to participate in the activities, be in charge of dissemination activities. Each school will have a detailed plan of their dissemination activities and we are all responsible for implementing them and making our project beneficiary to end-users and all target groups.

    The Croatian school as a project coordinator has a vast experience of participating in various international projects and also coordinating a few of them. The other schools are also experienced in running various national and European projects, which is the prerequsite for the proper running of the project. Quality of the project will be achieved by participation of commited teachers, use of good teaching and learning processes, and facilitated by a conducive learning environment.