The first day of the meeting (13 October, 2021) started with the visit of the school where we were welcomed with bread and honey by Mariela Goranova, the headteacher of the school ‘Ivan Vazov’ and students in national costumes as tradition goes. We started the meeting by presenting the project in front of the school community and the local media, then students presented themselves, their countries, towns/regions, schools. The students participated in a workshop about Bulgarian basic vocabulary and culture, followed by a kahoot quiz, while the teachers were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Mezdra and presented the project in front of the local authorities and media. In the afternoon we visited famous sights in the region and collected photos for a common video.

    The second day of the meeting (14 October, 2021) started with workshops for students (getting to know more about safety on the net through educational videos, quizzes, presentations and questionnaires prepared by each country and presented by students) and workshops/trainings for teachers (sharing experience on different educational systems, tools and apps used in the different countries). After the students learned more about the topic they presented what they have learned in the form of brochures, drawings and posters, used to decorate an Erasmus+ corner in the school. Meanwhile the teachers had two trainings: on how to use “Wakelet” tool and on Inclusion, and they received certificates for the successful trainings. In the late afternoon all visited a famous landmark where students took nature photos for the video. 

    On the third day of the exchange (15 July, 2021) we had a workshop “Be careful what you share online” in the regional town of Vratsa, which was organized by a local IT company “Vratsa Software Community” (as planned and discussed in July meeting). Students played different roles and raised their awareness on net safety and how to be more careful when sharing personal details and passwords. In the afternoon we visited a cave near the regional town and spent time in the nature, allowing students to get to know each other better and play common games in the open. In the evening we celebrated together with local community “Erasmus days - We are all equal in diversity” by presenting different cultures and traditions and  tasting local dishes with parents. The event was registered in the Erasmus days calendar.

    On the fourth day of the meeting (16 October, 2021) we all visited the capital city Sofia, where we were given some materials and booklets by the “Bulgarian Center for Safe Internet” which develops various materials aimed at raising public awareness of the risks to children when using the Internet, social networks and mobile devices, as well as ways to prevent and seek help. After that they played in international groups “Treasure hunt”- a phone game, which is a fun and interactive way to get to know Sofia by solving a series of challenges, codes and riddles. The winning team received small presents from The Information Centre of the EU in Sofia (European Commission in Bulgaria). Meanwhile, the teachers had a project meeting to share examples of good practices during distance learning and discuss tasks, obligations, administrative work, evaluation and dissemination, as well as plan next mobility in Spain. In the evening. we had a farewell supper and a ceremony on giving Certificates to each participant.

    During the whole exchange students were hosted in the evenings by Bulgarian families and had dinner together with their Bulgarian peer. They had the opportunity to get to know closer the Bulgarian customs and traditions, made new friends and practised their English.

    The results of this short term exchange of students were not only material ones like- brochures, posters, drawings, videos, but also improvement of the participants’ skills like English and other languages, ICT, communication skills, team work, Geography and History knowledge about all partner countries, good language and manners, tolerance and patience. 

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