Bitonto, 23/05/2022


    Attendees: Romana Zelda, Orhan Erdoðan, Hulya Erdoðan, Rosanna Perillo, Stefania Di Corrado, Laura Garví Cabrera, Ana López Gallardo, Yoana Konstatinova, Galina Tsvetanova, Dinka Kavalir, Maja Labaš, Luís Filipe Pereira Guimarães


    Time: 10:00- 12:00


    1 Project outcomes and tasks after the mobility

    2 Dissemination activities (blogs, emagazine, boards)

    3 Etwinning

    4 The next mobility

    5 AOB


    1 The Italian team presented the first version of the eBook. The partners made some suggestions on what else to add, but we are all satisfied with the eBook outline.

    The students successfully created their e-commerce web page. In case they have not completed it during the meeting, they have to complete it by the end of June.

    The project team discussed the project outcomes and agreed that we have made a huge progress and loads of materials in the first year. All the new materials are going to be uploaded on our eTwinning project site.

    The students and the teachers need to fill in the survey by June 15 and the Portuguese team will make analysis of the before the meeting questionnaire and after the meeting questionnaire. The analysis has to be made by the end of June.

    The Italian team has to make a podcast about their mobility (the content of the podcast will be decided by them) by the end of June.

    They will make a video after the mobility (the content will be decided by them) and an emagazine. The video about the mobility in Italy will be done by mid June. The other teams also agreed to make the video about their experience in Italy. We also have to create posters to decorate our schools’ Erasmus+ corners.

    The Italian team has to write a report about the mobility by the end of June.

    The students who participated in the mobility in Italy will write their blogs and send them to Romana who will upload them. The deadline is mid June.

    The Bulgarian team will prepare an analysis of the impact we have at local, regional and international levels and compare the numbers when we started with the meeting and the current situation to see the strengths and weaknesses, and try to see how we can improve. It has to be done by the end of June.

    All the materials have to be uploaded on Google drive.

    The Italian team suggested each country to make a video with the interview with the students who participated in the mobility. The video can include the parents as well. This is to be done by the end of June.

    All the teams should invite the students to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.


    2 Each country will disseminate the mobility in Italy in their school, at local and regional levels, and share the results. It can be in the media, school boards/corners, staff meetings, parents’ meetings, and any other way.


    3 Orhan informed us about the progress of our eTwinning page and reminded everybody to get more involved. There are a lot of materials there, but the participating students have to fill in Forum part of our eTwinning page. They have to answer the questions about the mobility in Italy. We also discussed the application for the quality label and decided to apply by the end of May.


    4 We all agreed that the following mobility will be in Croatia, which means the mobility in Turkey will be in March, and the final one in May in Portugal. The Croatian school will ask for 6-month extension of the project.  The Croatian mobility will be held October 12-15 (arrival day October 11, departure day October 17).

    The Croatian partners presented the outline of the programme in Croatia, suggested accommodation and how to get to Croatia.

    The partners will have to prepare the presentation about the importance of photography in their region/country – past and nowadays, in any form they like. The teachers will participate in a job shadowing activity, so each team will prepare a class (45 minutes) about their country to be given to the Croatian students. As we will have the meeting during Erasmus Days, we will register for the International event to celebrate Erasmus Days, and have International evening with songs and dances from each partner country and an exhibition of photographs taken during the mobility.

    The detailed programme and the tasks are to be discussed on the following online meeting which will be held online in September.


    5 All the partners will send the information (name, date of birth) to Romana so she can fill in the mobility tool. It has to be done by mid June.

    Romana asked the partners to fill in the chart with the expenses from the mobility in Italy by mid June. The Croatian partner will transfer the budget for the second year as soon as all the tasks have been accomplished.

    The next meeting is planned for September.