The project team consists of six countries, mostly experienced schools which have already carried out different European projects before joining this project. We are an efficient team of teachers who share the same enthusiasm and have the need to improve our digital competences and make the most of the situation related to online teaching that is challenging to all of us. We decided to work together because we have the same needs to be addressed and we can contribute to the project through our differing skills and expertise. 


    Ekonomska i turisticka skola Daruvar



    Secondary school "Ivan Vazov



    Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "Vitale Giordano



    Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco de Holanda 









    The partner schools were chosen from the coordinating school's network of contacts. The schools involved or national coordinators of the partner schools have been connected through previous acquaintance or cooperation. The project team consists of six countries, mostly experienced schools which have already carried out different European projects before joining this project. Croatia has already done 2 projects with the former school of the Portuguese coordinator. Both schools have had a huge experience in running projects. Croatia applied for KA1 project job shadowing for one vocational teacher with the partner school in Italy, and this activity is planned to be carried out next year. Through this cooperation we have decided to apply for KA2 project together with the school from Bulgaria, but unfortunately, the project was on the reserve list, so as we were pleased with our cooperation and work on that application, we agreed to continue cooperation through this project. Partner school from Spain is a reliable partner from one of our partners and school from Turkey joined us through eTwinning partner search platform.

    Croatian school has had 17 projects until now (Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+) and has gain a lot of international experience as their teachers have participated in different in-training seminars, courses and TCA seminars, and are committed to running this project with great enthusiasm and confidence. They truly believe that with all the experience acquired through all these years, they are capable of running and managing the project and supporting less experienced partners with suggesting ideas for the activities and their implementation, giving advice for problem solving situations or risk prevention, budget management, evaluation of the project and dissemination of the results. Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy are also experienced partners, which will contribute to the successful completion of the project and support of the schools with a bit less experience. Bulgarian school is also relatively experienced in Erasmus+ and before that in Comenius projects. Last year they participated in the Programme for EU Ambassador schools and they were the winning school so they participated in the EUROSCOLA DAY in Strasbourg. Their project 'Set For Success: A School for Tomorrow' aims to achieve an European dimension of the skills, competences and attitudes of the school staff and fully responds to the beneficiaries' needs for increasing competences in the field of innovative learning approaches and new methods of working with ICT, and their expertise in these fields will be of great benefit for the other project partners.

    All the partner schools have their own expertise and competences in specific fields in relevant to the project, that is, we have experience in ICT based learning methods and the use of web 2.0 tools in education, using ICT as an aid to learning/teaching in the classroom, as a presentation tool and netiquette. We will all equally undertake our share of responsibilities and commitment, and share our experience and knowledge. We will share our experience and knowledge about effective teaching, digital methods of learning/ teaching, digitalized testing, assessment of students and evaluation methods using electronic devices and technology.