Evaluation of the Project (Survey)

  • Time for our evaluation! Let's look back and think about what we achieved this year.

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    Results of our Survey

    This was the first eTwinning project for Polish, German and Greek students.




    The majority of the students (86.5%) found the project interesting.


    Cooperating and communicating with foreign students and the creative aspect of this project were the elements that attracted most students to it.


    About a third of all students believe that the project contributed to the improvement of their English language skills. About 65% are not sure but state that it may have helped them to upgrade their use of English.



    It seems that the most interesting activities for students were learning more about how a smart city works and thinking about what makes cities smart and, most of all, preparing a presentation of their own ideas on the smart city of the future in international groups.


    Finally, as for the aspects they enjoyed or disliked in this project and the difficulties they faced, the students found the international groupwork a pleasant challenge, they often had trouble with internet connection, other technical issues, finding a time suitable for all group members and communication issues due to poor language skills, different accents etc. It seems that, on the whole, students found eTwinning a rewarding experience and would try it again if given the chance.

    This is what students stated:

    Internet connection could be a little opportunity but cooperation was really hard working and productive.

    The cooporation with international groups. To know more about smart cities.We had a freedom that we were free to schedule our meetings and I think that was good.

    I liked the fact that we had the opportunity to talk with people different than us . I didnt liked the fact that we had a lot of problems during our conferences , sometimes we didnt had internet or some other days we could join because of school etc . I would like to join in a eTwinning project again because you learn new things and new people .

    I mostly enjoyed working in international groups , as we got to know things about eachother and our countries , but I also liked thinking ideas of how can cities in 2040 improve . It was a great experience and I did learn interesting things from this project. I would participate in another eTwinning project again for sure!

    I liked the meetings in school, it was fun. It was difficult for me that I don't english well, so I didn't do much stuff in the program.

    I enjoyed the fact that we had a chance to meet new people even though it was online . I didnt liked that we had a lot of technical problems . I would like to participate in a eTwinning project again.

    This project was my first eTwinning experience and I think it was very helpful for me. First of all, I met new people and I made new friends. Plus, I have more skills on the computer and tools that help me to make our project.

    I had a lot of problems with my internet, so I had many problems.

    eTwinning gave me a lot. I met new people, I learnt what is group work. The biggest problem at our cooperation was communication. Maybe I participate in another eTwinning project.

    I enjoyed facing the real oppurtunity of talking in a different language and being connected with people from different countries - it is not so common for everyday life. I didn't like the fact that not every person was keen on working together, so I ended up doing lots of things by myself. Still, this project was something new and a good experience nonetheless. I am not sure about participating in another eTwinning project, though, because it was mentally draining, and, frankly speaking, really stressful at times.

    I liked learning about smart cities gaining experience and valuable information. On the other hand sometimes cooperating with foreign students was hard and sometomes I felt overwhelmed by project and normal school.

    Generally I enjoyed creating digital materials and being creative. It let me do something new and interesting that I have never thought about before. The things I disliked were some difficulties in communication in my group. I think I would participate in another project.

    The thing I enjoyed the most was doing the interviews and learning ideas of a smart city from professionals and foreign students. What I didn't like was that it was difficult to contact the members of the group and arrange meetings because of other people's schoolwork and differences in days off. Difficulties are mostly related to problems with group work(bad internet connection and lack of time). I probably won't participate in another eTwinning project because I think It would be more of the same and I want to focus on my school subjects more but I don’t think I had a bad experience with the project.

    I loved researching information and getting new skills by interviewing city officials or creating our project in online tools. I didn't like the fact that some foreign students didn't answer our questions and did very little comparing to others. I had to convince them to do their work, but most of the group worked well. We had some difficulties in communicating because of some students low English skills, but we managed to get our message across and it went good. I would definitely participate in another eTwinning project again if I had an opportunity.

    I enjoyed the possibility of international cooperation. A great experience was getting to know how to work with colleagues from other countries. To be honest I didn't like the chat module of TwinSpace. It doesn't provide any kind of live notifications that would make our communication easier and improve answer time. The main difficulty was the problem with live communication. Unfortunately, it was so hard to find one platform that would be good for everybody e.g., BigBlueButton was great for Poles and Germans but completely laggy for Greeks. Despite everything, I suppose I would participate in another eTwinning project in future. It gave me the priceless ability to try international cooperation.

    I enjoyed communicating with my group members and thinking about the ideas that could improve our future. I'd never spoken with person whose English is not his/her first language and isn't from my country. It was crazy, in a good way, experience. At the beggining I was frightened of the first meeting where only members of my group participated without any teacher. It turned out to be not as bad as I expected it to be and later our communication only improved. I disliked that on the first meeting, with all the participants of the project, not all people were prepared properly and I couldn't see or even hear them. The biggest difficulty was that sometimes we didn't understand each other well and we had to explain somehow what we meant, in some cases by showing pictues. But this is what this project is all about, communication and learning how to understand people from other countries with different accents, so I don't mind it. I don't know if I will participate again but I certainly would like to take part in another eTwinning project if I have time and will to do it. In the future I could change my mind for some reason so who knows.

    I enjoyed getting to know more about smart cities and my town

    I enjoy that a lot, i don't like too much the fact we were in lockdown and it was difficult to communicate with our teacher and my greek classmates through the screens .It was fun to communicate with students from Germany and Poland and we see that we are similar in some ways . Sometimes it was difficult to communicate with foreign students because we have different schedules. Yes I would take part in another Etwinning project as I liked it very much .

    The cooperation wasn't great and sometimes it was difficult to contact with eachother, also sometimes I had a feeling as if my group was the only one doing anything

    I would participate in another eTwinning project but definitely in better group, where I wouldn't have to work only with my partner from country.

    What I enjoyed in this project was our ideas and how we used to discuss it with our teammates. Even though, sometimes there were difficulties in communication, we managed to have great results. To sum up with, I had such a great experience and I would definitely participate again in a project like this.


    it was a very nice project and i like to communicate with people from other countries.

    I'm rather shy, so I dared to speak English less

    The project was goog and I like the communication with the others but it was sometimes difficult to find a date for a meeting

    I thought the project would be more interesting. I liked the way that we could work with students from other countrys, but the i think the project was more intense. Another topic would be making more fun. The most difficult part was to work with the other students because sometimes it wasn´t so easy to communicate. I think i would take part in a eTwinning project, when the topic is more interesting.

    I think the cooperation with Poland and Greece was very interesting, I liked that we was in touch with students from other contries and it was diverse to our normal lessons. In my opinion there were no big difficulties in our group. Everyone was nice and hard working.

    I liked almost everything except for a few technical problems. It was a great cooperation.

    There was many great people who you can work with. One thing for example that i dont like were the conferences because i think that wasnt so funny. But all in all the idea for a projekt like that was very good i thing.

    It was not so funny so i hope, the exchangewith the other teammates from the other was bad.

    I enjoyed the cooperation with the students in other countries. Especially with the students from Greece because I'm greek myself. The topic me and my group had was also a very interesting one. There was not something I didn't like and there were not any difficulties because the chemistry between us in my group was almost perfect. I would take part in another eTwinning but not now because it is not just fun, but also very demanding and we need a lot of time to finish such a project. :)

    In my opinion i think the projekt was very very intresstimg our topic was in the trend,

    we learned new things about Smart Cities

    Moreover we improverd our Englisch skills , learned new people from from other contrys

    but sometimes the comunication with other people was very comlicated because of the diffrent languages and the diffrent Englisch accent and sometimes when we had a conference the people wodnt talking and i had to bee like a moderater.

    i enjoyed that our cooperation with two different cultures worked so well, at first there where little communication problems, few of us where shy but then everything went better.

    really fast, we received good results from our meetings and our communication over instagram and discord. Sometimes it was hard to find the time we can meet online with our group but thats only a little disturbance. There where also times we were a pretty lazy but thats also good because that was the time to think, everyone for him or his self.

    At all international cooperation was pretty fun and interesting, an experience ive never got before, i would always do it again. So thank you

    I liked talking to other people. It Was fun but also a lot of stress because we had Kind of Problems to find days where everyone was able to take Part in the videoconferens. I would do it again because it was a great time and it was nice that we only communicated in English. There is also nothing that i disliked.

    I had alot of fun doing video conference with the student of greece and poland we understood each other quite well and shared our ideas about our topic. There were some difficulties on agreeing with each other of our ideas and the comunication was also diffucult with the other group of students but it went well. The other difficult part was that collecting information about our topic because there were not alot of information on the internet about our topic so we had to think by ourself about our ideas.yes I would like to participate in another eTwinning project maybe. thanks

    i found the whole project great. We have made new friends. I think it was difficult to communicate with the other pupils because of the bad internet connection. I would participate again if corona is gone.

    I think what i enjoyed most was working with people from other countries and using only english to communicate. I also liked that we got an opportunity to think outside the box and let our imagination run wild. But i have to admit that it wasnt always easy to communicate with the people from other countries because they werent always available since we have other homeworks and projects to work on besides this project. All in all i think it was an great experience. It felt like I was part of somethink bigger. If I get another opportuity to participate in such a great project I would love to participate again, I learned a lot.

    I find the project really interesting because it was the first time for me to cooperate with other students from other countries and for me it was a really, really good experience for growing up in my daily schoollife. Already the conferences where really good for the first time because all group members where there and already do their job All in all, I really would suggest the project to other students in the next schoolyear