In countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland it was already in 2019 a big issue. The first tries have been performed in these 3 countries, but also in countries like South Korea and Spain there was a lot to talk about it. Of course there are many countries against this project (Australia, New Zeeland). Meanwhile the 5G internet has also arrived in Hagen. There are now 27 newly equipped mobile radio sites. Hagen took part in this development from the beginning and has a digital location advantage. At first 16 million people in Germany could use Telekom's 5G network and already 1000 cities were supplied with the new network but since july 40 million people are able to benefit from the 5G internet. This was possible despite the corona pandemic! Rafael & Alina

    Presentation about hopes for 5G in Jaworzno, Poland

    by Julia and Weronika



    5G in Athens by Annie and Justina


    5G in Athens.pdf