Smart assistants

  • Group members: Justina (GR), Annie (GR), Selina (D), Zuzia (PL), Yassmin (D), Mateusz (PL), Agnes, Milena (D)

    In the beginning we communicate with online meetings in the BBB and then we made a group on snapchat.Our last meeting was in Webex.

    Mateusz: Cooperation wasn't very easy but we were trying to understand each other. Working with foreign students was definitely a useful experience. I discovered some useful apps and improved my English. I talked in that language a lot and spoke with Greek and German students AND I LOVED IT. Although we had some technical difficulties, we managed to communicate and work with other students without any major problems. Sometimes it was difficult to meet with all group but at the end of the day, we had a few meetings with all (7) people :). I liked our cooperation and I would love to make another project with that group again.

    All the members did something. At our first meeting we decided for each national group to cooperate and in the end we united all the ideas together.

    Mateusz: I really liked the tool that we used to make our flipbook - Flipsnack. It was easy to learn and fun to work on. I loved making our project, finding photos and information about future assistants. It was definitely a  pleasurable experience and I would love to do another project on that app. I think that our final project looks really good and contains a lot of useful ideas. We also used Snapchat to communicate and it worked really well - we got notifications about our messages and everyone was able to communicate. We also met on Webex. Everyone could speak and see each other so it was enjoyable too.

    Selina: I think it was good to work together with people from other countries on this project. We understood eachother good and has good ideas. Eventhough we were a little shy, it worked with distance teaching. I would do it again

    Zuzia: Working in the international group in my opinion was overall a good and memorable experience. Of course, there have been some technical and time management problems but in the end, we successfully managed to connect and do our project together. One of the tools we used was Snapchat where we exchanged messages, everyone was active there and replied when it was needed. The second tool that we used was Flipsnack where we made our project in the form of a flipbook, it worked well, everyone was able to do their part there. The last tool that was used by us was Webex where we had our meetings, everyone attended them. In conclusion, we didn't have any major problems with other group members nor tools.

    Yassmin: I really enjoyed working on this project, especially because it involved working with people from other countries. Not every students gets an opportunity like this. In the beginning most of us were very shy but ist still worked out. We all shared great ideas, therefore our work went pretty smoothly and everyone had a task. Even though there were some small obstacles due to Covid19 and we all had to go into distance teaching I think we were able to work it out together. I would love to participate in a similar project again.

    First of all, me and Annie did our work in Canva and after that we put it in Flipsnack which is like an e-book and all the other members put their work there. Now it is like a book and it is perfect!

    Well, we live in 2021 and the technology evolves, so think how it will be in 2040?

    Health, transport, museums won’t be the same. So, we thought  about it and we found a smart health assistant that can help as in our life. Smart assistants will definitely make life easier in the city of 2040. They will offer better help than human assistants do and will be also cheaper. They will allow disabled people to walk again and minimalise difficulties connected with blindness and deafness. They will improve healthcare, normal everyday life and experiences in many places.


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