Smart public transport

  • Group members: Christina, Mariam (GR), Mateusz (PL), Nour, Waleed (D), Lukasz (PL)

    In the beginning we communicated from eTwinning platform, then we created a group on instagram and our first meeting was on BBB. Our recent meetings were on the webex platform.

    At the beginning we weren’t organised but then we got more consistent about our meetings.

    We as the greek group had an idea to do our presentation as a video, so we had to create photos with our ideas. It may have been difficult for some people but, in the end, we had an amazing result.

    The tools used on our project were the following: Kinemaster , Canvas and Adobe Illustrator

    Well, to be honest, at the beginning we had low expectations to even have a meeting together. Therefore, later we had great videoconferences and our cooperation became easier and the work became more interesting. We got on together very well as a team.

    Smart transport plays an important role in future smart and green cities. Public transport could look very different in the coming years thanks to the application of advanced technologies.It’s no secret that climate change is a very real problem, and that the transport sector is a major contributor.Therefore, finding more sustainable transport solutions is more important than ever. We need a future with greener , cheaper and quicker transportation.


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