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    Definition of smart city

    There are many definitions of smart cities. Ones concentrate on technological questions and the others on social structures. According to Nicos Komninos (professor of Urban Development and Innovation Policy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), a smart city is an area consisting of four main elements: creative population, efficient institutions and procedures, developed broadband infrastructure and documented ability to innovation, management and solving problems. 

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    Smart Cities Polska is a non-governmental page associating people and entities working for Polish smart city solutions. Page work with international organizations, cities, and experts. Page set development directions and lobby for them in government structures. From the 2016-2019 page conducted research to create a road map of the polish smart city under the patronage of the ministry of digitalisation. Page work with several cities and smart city managers to develop City: Wrocław, Gdynia, Lublin, Toruń, Łódź, and Warsaw. They developed the living-lab in Wroclaw “FutuClub” (=Future Club), in which solutions of the smart resident card with the competence management element were tested.

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    Smart City Polska 

    It is an open platform associating different projects, that share one cause - to facilitate life, save time and money. 

    Project Smart City assumes integration a few pillars, who are supposed to contribute to improving the value of life in the city. 

    Pillar I 

    A network of Beacon markers that allow direct access to the whole system and use of tourist guides with audio guide option with the possibility of direct purchase of museum tickets and cultural institutions. At the same time network will inform in real time about commercial and service offers on the destinated area. 

    Pillar II 

    Electric car network in the car-sharing system. Development of electromobility allows ecological movement around the city but also the advantage of additional parking spaces. 

    Pillar III 

    Network and management of electric car chargers. Charging of electric cars allows access to charging infrastructure and maintaining of charging process in a safe way for electrical network and users. After all, it is meant not only for inhabitants but also for visitors.

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    The article about the beginnings of thinking smart in Poland (2013)

    On the base of conducted researches, the Aauthors conclude that there are no Smart Cities in Poland. The Authors iden-tified interesting cases of   separated initia-tives, which can be a  seed idea a begin-ning of smart conception in the city. Polish cities are at the  very beginning stage of preparing intelligent solutions in   the area of Energy Management. In most cases the implementation covers only small pilot installation (like a  few streets with intel-ligent lighting systems, one or two cross roads and lines with intelligent trans-port system, limited number of touristic routes audio guides  accessible by mobile phone). Even at this stage some dif-ferences between the levels of investments done can be observed. But, the authors have to admit that the number of the solution is growing each year, especially concerning tourism. The reason is costs of implemented solutions. It is the role of local governance to push the city on the road to become smart. It is not enough to follow the standard tasks, it is the time to find funds and invest in new technology and solutions, for those attractive business solutions should be prepared. The good business municipalityscience relation is the basic factor of success of Smart City projects. The second one is to identify a variety of trans-parent sources of funding. Some of Smart Grid solutions in Poland are supported by EU funds

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    Smart City Forum is Poland’s largest congress devoted to the functioning and development of smart cities. It is a platform for the exchange of experiences created, among others by representatives of public administration, presidents, and directors of leading companies, experts from abroad, who present innovative solutions that prove themselves, for example in Barcelona, ​​Singapore, or Toronto. In other words, Smart City Forum is an extremely fruitful debate about the challenges facing almost all areas: from transport and IT through ecology, energy, construction to medicine, and human communication. During the meeting, specialists discuss the most effective models for the implementation of specific investments.

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    For the Polish city - Krakow - liveability is the key to getting smarter.

    Kracow, the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Małopolska), is already seen as a hub of science, education and development. Kracow is a cultural city that is considered a friendly and attractive place to live and spend free time. City's main priority is to create attractive investment areas and modern, green sites for relaxation. To improve the quality of life, Kracow is focusing on infrastructure and urban planning. One of the first orders is the construction of the first underground line. Over the past years, the city sought to solve environmental pollution like bad air quality. There are realised projects to revitalise post-industrial areas. Krakow is joining other cities like Gdynia, who aim to provide excellent liveability conditions. 

    7. (Zuzanna, Mateusz N.)

    We can distinguish six areas which carry equal weight for a city to develop a sustainable way and to become authentic "smart hubs":
    smart mobility (clean and intelligent transport system), smart economy (supporting entrepreneurship), smart environment (clean energy and air, lots of green spaces in the city), smart people (diverse, tolerant, creative society with city promoting creativity and the ability to cooperate), smart living (providing with a safe and healthy life, easy access to education and services), smart governance (society playing a key role, city's actions being transparent). We can divide smart cities into three generations: 1.0 which are driven by technology, but they don't use the full potential; 2.0 in which modern technologies solve particular problems in many aspects of life; 3.0 which are cities co-created by citizens (they play an important role in decision making).


    Wrocław is a smart city because it has got many modern life sectors. Wrocław's transport is equipped with beacons and payment terminals which help citizens to locate buses/trams and pay by credit card. You can also rent an electric car from the city sources by Vozilla app, or you can charge yours at one of the ten charging stations. The city also has more than 550 free wi-fi hotspots. Wrocław supports start-ups and it's one of the most dynamic growing start-up centres in Central and Eastern Europe. We can also see how advanced it is basing on one of its districts - WUWA2/Nowe Żerniki (it has got green rooftops, intelligent and energy-efficient lighting, photovoltaic solar panels, and open basins where rain and waste water is gathered for re-use).

    8. (Paweł, Bartek)

    A lot of cities in Poland try to be smarter, but they deal with this specific topic in a variety of ways. Pollution is a serious problem in the current world, so a lot of polish cities such as Kraków, Warszawa, Białystok, Kielce, and many others try to deal with it using energy-efficient lights, smart meter, electric buses, reducing the emission of CO2. The goal of polish smart cities is also making life easier for average citizens by automatization. Right now in most bigger cities you can pay taxes, check data, get a passport, and much more online.

    Metropolises also want to improve public transport by making it more organized and eco-friendly that’s why Kraków implemented Inteligentne Systemy Transportowe (ITS) and Warszawa has a public bike rental network called Veturilo. Warszawa also supports Intelligent district heating and cares about tourists. Rzeszów developed intelligent bus stops that show time in which bus should arrive. In Poznań, you can meet with a platform containing data about the city. This platform is supported by computer programs such as BicPortal, Webankieta, Moodle, MDOK, and MJUP. Other smart actions to improve our lives are: building new roads, dealing with trash, Urban Labs, fixing infrastructure, and making it up to date. Those are just examples of Smart cities and their actions in Poland. 

    9. (Weronika, Julia)

    A term "smart city" was first used in the 21st century. It can mean a city that provides the highest quality of life with the lowest usage of resources; a place that uses different technologies to make crucial services and elements of urban infrastructure (administration, education, public safety, transport, etc.) more efficient.
    Four main causes of the idea development can be described: demographic changes (population growth), urbanisation, climate changes and instability of the global economic system (financial crises).
    Elements that can make a city smart are its mobility, environment, governance, economy, living or a "people" sphere.
    The benefits of smart cities are unquestionable - economic development, increase of safety and comfort of life, cost optimisation. ICT technology development that plays a vital part of smart city solutions creates a concern of a privacy threat, though.
    Although this innovation is much easier and faster to be adopted in large and well-developed countries, smart cities can be created all over the world and under any conditions – in Poland, too. Examples of activities are:

    • Central Public Transport Management System for the Szczecin agglomeration,
    • remote monitoring system for water consumption in Środa Wielkopolska,
    • e-Administration in Poznań,
    • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia,
    • paging system at the Academic Centre of Ophthalmology and Oncology in Katowice.

    BRAINSTORMING - associations

    Now write a post on the board below explaing what you think is most important about a smart city.

  • What makes a smart city a smart city?

    Smart City

    Smart Citys are digital modern a imagination of the future. This Citys are full with the new technologie. -Georgi

    Smart city

    a good communication energy supply through renewable energies such as solar power, wind
    more reaption by improved network

    Nuclear power plants

    A smart city needs a lot of electricity so we need a strong energy source . My idea is to build good constructed and highly explored Nuclear power plants. It would make space for a lot of jobs and it dont damage the climate. -Nicola *

    Smart city

    We can use tablets instead of paper, so that we also protect the Environment (more trees means more Oxygen)

    A smart city

    A smart city is an advanced an modern city.
    the cities try to solve problems with tecnology. To do this, they collect data from the city. -Leonora

    Smart City

    A Smart City is a digital city to make the life with electronic easier for all people.
    It is a imagination for the future and it should be better with the technology than now.
    -Julian :)

    Smart cities

    Solving Urban Problems using Technology

    *flying cars
    *self-driving cars
    *rent cars linked to a map
    *sensor for free parking speaces
    *for technical, Need more IT People
    * (to reduce emissions) sensor in the air
    *tablets in School instead of paper


    Smart City

    When I think about a the "Smart City" I imagine problems which get solved by high technology. For example more opportunities for our traffic by new high tec in the streets or solving other bigger problems like the climate change or the global warming. - Rafael

    Smart City

    smart citys are digital and modern for example flying cars or self-driving cars. We also can use tablets instead of paper. a smart city needs a lot of energy.

    Smart cities

    Smart cities use a lot of Technology and have a lot of new things we dream about. They have Flying cars or Digital Schools maybe we found a way to stop climate change.-Milena

    Smart Cities

    In smart cities problems will be solved by technology. For example we can can use tablets in lessons instead of paper but we can also mount doors with motion sensor. We can drive with self-driving cars and we could have robots that remove rubbish from the streets.-Alina

    Smart city

    a smart city have to be clean, technology is on the newest level and people that does smart work, renewable energy pays a big role in those cities. Higher buildings and cars running with energy.
    At all, smart cities have to act renewable and so on more -Tim

    Smart city

    Smart citys should have a lot of technology and be very digital. As example we should use IPads instead of books or have flying cars. A smart city should also take care of the planet hand have less emissions
    - Yassmin

    Smart City

    A smart city is a city that uses technology to provide services and solve city problems. Also a smart city makes like improve transportation and accessibility, improve social services and so on. Furthermore smart cities are trying to solve urban problems by using technology for example to invest in the infrastructure by going ahead with a digital leading system. * More innovations in society than only using technology, * Introducing a traffic management system for problems with parking spaces, * Open Data Portal access where consumers can find online their answers for different issues in their city, * Government should support the IT People/Sector -Kristijan

    Smart City

    smart city must have to look like smart with a good environment. With hightechnolgy and a great system of law life will be easier for the citiezens.By making modern things like cars with a skill of self driving and many more modern things. P.S waleed

    Smart city

    a smart city need techology in schools to help the help us a lot and makes our lifes easier. It needs a lot of energy. It can help old people to see better and also with their hearing.-Selina

    Smart City

    We can use electric doors that opens when you´re for example 2 meters naway the door. I think it´s good for us, to not touch the door expecially because of corona and other viruses. - Arbnora

    Smart City

    What makes a smart city a smart city is the moment when all the citizens get an equal role in the city's improvement and evolution -John

    Smart City

    A Smart City is a digital city to make the life more easier and helthier than it is , it solves the problems of the city which can be the traffic on the roads, the full parking lots,air pollution etc.
    -Panagiotis Dimitris

    What makes a smart city a smart city?

    In our opinion smart city is a smart city that it makes our lives easier with high technology in some sections of our live.
    Such as the transportation section for example in Barcelona they created an app that can send information about city's issues ( broken lights etc) but also they improved the reactions of the medical services,the connection to other transportation services and not only. Also nowdays every kind of store even and supermarkets have created their own app where you can buy whatever you want by home! which that means that it will reduce the exhaust gases that cars are provide and they will not burden the environment much more (something that everyone wants) and we hope that in the future that more ideas like this will be implemented.
    angeliki zargana & pavlina zerbaki

    Zuzanna Horwacik, Poland

    In my view, a smart city is a city that has clever solutions (not always related to high technology) for problems, it would be even better if the solutions were ecological. You can easily move around them and get everywhere on time. In a smart city, things are easier.

    Weronika Biel, Poland

    To me, a smart city is a place that provides you with solutions to everyday problems such as heavy traffic or poorly organized municipal public transport that many of us struggle with. It involves cooperation of committed citizens and interoperability of services. A smart city should be clean and create a comfortable environment for every inhabitant. By the use of high technology, it should help us lead a simple and more ecological life – digital access means quick access and nowadays, time is money. Lastly, a smart city is a city that gives you an ability of a good communication with the municipality in order to create a better place and solve problems.

    Krzysztof Ślęczek, Poland

    In my opinion a smart city has to have a few things, first of all it should have infrastructure that allows you to travel fast around it, you should be able to travel from one place to another without going through parts of city that are filled with traffic jams most of time. For example if you are on one end of a city and want to travel to another, you should be able to use a road that connects both of these ends so you don't have to break through crowded districts. A smart city should also have a lot of parking space, a special parking lots in the city centre and industrial areas can help to make city streets less crowded and safer. The last but not least, the city should offer a lot of free and
    well-kept recreation places for people to relax and chillout.

    Aleksander Jóźwik, Poland

    For me, a smart city is a place with a good organization in many sectors. It provides various solutions to typical everyday problems, like poorly organised communication, environmental pollution and administration things. Issues are often managed by creative and smart people. Smart cities also contain some technological solutions, like advanced city network that can be used, for example: to check car parks state, real-time bus arrivals and air quality. Every invention exists to help people in everyday life. There are some helpful solutions like:
    -high-speed public transport, e.g. hyperloop
    -free and public available internet
    -eco-friendly transport like hydrogen cars

    Bartosz Guzik Poland

    In my opinion, Smart City is a well-organized city that with help of modern technologies improves the life of its citizens. Smart City Focuses on solving complex urban problems with effective and efficient solutions. Many services are digitalized and modernized. Public transport is fast and relatively cheap. To be a smart city have to care about the environment. It promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, reduces air pollution by switching to electrical means of transport. A smart city uses an advanced network that provides normal people with data about weather and air quality, time of bus arrival, empty parking spots, etc. Those goals are achieved by the cooperation of creative, smart people.

    Paweł Duda, Poland

    For me, a smart city is a city that makes your life easier, healthier, more efficient, and overall better. It can make our lives easier by automatization of paying taxes and filing important paperwork online. Healthier by reducing CO2 emission, supporting eco-friendly cars and buses initiatives, creating public bike rental network, and using smart meters. More efficient by good organization of roads and good placement of important buildings and workplaces. The changes don’t need to be related to the advanced technology it could be just a good organization. We can achieve those goals and make our cities smarter by the cooperation of smart and creative people.

    Mateusz Nowak, Poland

    In my opinion, a smart city is a modern and society friendly space. Its main reason is to help people with their daily routine without hurting the environment. It should be digitalised with the ability to vote online on main city problems; sensors and robots everywhere to keep people safe and informed as well as the world around them clean. It should also keep its citizens fit and healthy by giving them the ability to cycle to and from work, keeping the air clean and giving them advice about their lifestyle, for example, what should they eat based on their manual effort and their weight. It should also produce clean energy and take care of every citizen despite their material status.

    Mateusz Łasaj, Poland

    In my opinion smart city should make citizen's life easier using modern technology but also simple solutions like better public transport. They should not impact people's health and environment in a harmful way for example producing big amount of air pollution.

    Agapi and Irene (Greece)

    What makes a smart city Smart ?

    In our opinion smart cities develops with technology . With the help of technology smart cities will serve people and help more elderly people.
    Some of our ideas are : Use tablets instead of paper to "help" the environment , self-driving cars , cars that will not use petrol so we could reduce the air pollution and save the environment and very much to do...

    Nikoleta Tereeva, Greece.

    A smart city must have:
    * Bicycles lanes and free bicycle parking places.
    * More lights in the streets who work with solar energy.
    * Green cars and buses.
    * Clean air and more green spaces.
    So in my opinion the smart city is certainly green city.

    Smart Cities by Mariam and Christina, Greece

    A smart city is the city of our imagination. When we think of a smart city, we imagine a virtual reality with flying cars and robots, but on the contrary these technological advances will also be useful in our daily lives. For example green cars and buses, smart 'rubbish bins' and bicycle lanes on the roads.

    Smart city

    Fristly,In Smart cities problems will be solved by high-tech.
    1. Clean air polution
    2.Green cars and buses
    3. More lights in the streets
    4.Smart rubish bins

    Smart City

    Smart city has many features. First of all, smart cities has to be clean and has smart garbiges. Also, smart city has free Wi-FI for everyone in the city.Moreover, smart city has a smart lights, for example when an ambulance come the light turn green and the others red to pass the ambulance, an fireengine or a police cab.
    -john and konstantinos