• Smart cities-schools-Hagen

    Our topic is school in smart cities and in the text we explain the advantages of digitalition in schools.

    Some school in hagen have a good digitalization its better than in other schools. Some schools work with tablets, laptops and smart boards but other schools only work with paper and normal boards.

    For example in our school we have smart boards but still work with paper and also tablets but not for everybody only in a few lessons we can work with them.

    We have schools in Hagen, where everybody have tablets and we have schools, where not a single tablet is available.

    1. If the students have tablets the teachers dont need to hand out paper.

    2. Maybe the students will be more motivated to go to a digitized School if they can work with tablets or laptops.

    3.The students also can search words if they need some vokabulary or unknown words.

    4. The students can lose their sheets and worksheets. When the students have a tablet, this is stored quickly and in a safe place and nothing can get lost.

    5. Students have impressions how their work life will be in future because they have to work with computers anyway.

    6. With Learning videos can students learn more easily.



    by Weronika and Julia



    Schools in Greece: Are they smart?

    By Christina Tsilingeridou and Mariam Fransis Rizk


    Smart Schools in Greece.pptx