Smart schools

  • Group members: Pawel, Bartek (PL), Konstantinos, Irene (GR), Marcel, Georgios, Julian (D)

    In the beginning we were talking in the forums from etwinning and then we made a team in discord so it would be easier and efficient for everybody to communicate there.

    It wasn’t easy, it was a little bit difficult with the reason that sometimes students weren’t answering because they said they did not have time.

    The Polish group took some photos of their school and sent them to us. The greek group did the presentation.

    We used canva and this page/app gives you a white page and it gives many choices to select photos and write anything you want on the page.

    It was really difficult to communicate, because groups were not answering or took a long time to answer.

    Pawel: I felt pretty good working with our group but there were times I was scared and stressed because nobody was answering my messages. Later when German and Greek students answered my messages I realized that they have different winter holidays and that German students were overwhelmed with work from their school so they didn’t have much time to talk and meet. But finally, we did all we had to do so those difficulties weren’t a big deal and I’m happy with what we did. So overall I had a nice time working on this project but it was sometimes stressful.

    Smart schools will be more fun, because we are going to use Virtual reality computers. It will be more interesting, because we will be learning about the space. It will also be more understandable, because we will use 3D computers. Last but not least, the school will be more technological, for example if you have a question, there will be a robot button that will help you understand and answer your query. Here is a list of the features:

    • tablet as assistance and for tasks
    • using apps: calculator translators and learning sites to learn for yourself
    • small robots that are at your disposal for questions
    • a chip that is put in our head on which we can store information (like software or hard disk)
    • school bus as a suspension railway to save time and get to school faster from further away
    • Wifi for all students
    • possibility to use programs that are useful for schools
    • stock up schools with better equipment
    • more freedom for students, for example mobile phones or tablets in class to use them for class
    • digital timetable for all schools (app)
    • 4k led flatscreens instead of whiteboards



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