Is our city smart?

  • Create a presenation about your city. You should not only give facts and inform about the sights but talk about digitization in your city.

    To do so you work in groups to create an interesting presentation.

    10 September 2020

    The German students have suggested the following topics - below the topic you find the names of those working on it. Please join them so that we can compare our cities.

    Topic Germany Poland Greece
    Nicola, Karoline, Vanessa
    Weronika, Julia  
    5G Rafael, Alina
    power stations
    Yassmin, Milena, Selina, Agnes
    Paweł, Bartosz  
    rubbish/trash Nour, Waleed Aleksander, Krzysztof  
    congestion Tim, Kristijan, Georgios
    infrastructure Leonora, Elea, Arbnora Jakub, Michał  
    safety Julian, Marcel Mateusz Ł., Łukasz  
    climate change   Zuzanna, Mateusz N.  

    Checklist for pages

    Make sure your page contains the following aspects

    • Description of the topic
    • Description of the current situation (provide data, if possible)
    • Ideas for a smart solution (it must include data analysis or an internet application)