Videoconference 27.11.2020


    The first videoconference of the teachers - coordinators of the project took place on 19th November 2020 and all was planned at the common meeting:


    The common meeting took place on 27th November 2020. First all students from Germany, Poland and Greece met on BigBlueButton platform thanks to the courtesy of the German Hosts:

    The German students were in the classroom so it was not so easy for them to take part, especially that they had to obey the sanitary regime and speak in their facemasks.

    After the welcome speech from the German students the next part of the conference took part on Webex thanks to the courtesy of Greek Hosts:

    Maybe we couldn't hear one another pwerfectly well and said only a few words each, but it was a great experience to meet together.

    Soon we'll meet in small international groups in order to plan smart cities of the future.

    In the meantime, please write your impressions on the TwinBoard below:



  • Videoconference participatns' impressions

    Zuzanna Horwacik, Poland

    The meeting was great maybe some people had technical trouble and we couldn't hear everyone at the beginning but later everything was fine except of the fact that one group left. It was great to see and hear those people that we could and I'm happy that we took part in that meeting.

    Aleksander Jóźwik, Poland

    That was our first video conference. Despite minor technical problems, we have managed to meet our group. Most people introduced themselves and said a few sentences about themselves. It was surprising to hear so many people at once. I hope that further cooperation will continue without major technical problems and sound quality will be better.

    Weronika Biel, Poland

    Although we had some technical difficulties, it was still nice that we were able to connect through the platform and hear each other's voices. I understand the issues of the German group, having to speak in their facemasks and in one classroom. Seeing and hearing people from other countries is always a great experience and I am happy to be a part of that happening. I liked how our group's speech came out and I hope you did, too. Maybe another time it would be easier to get to know each other more. Regardless, I appreciate the idea of all of us meeting.

    Mateusz Nowak, Poland

    The connection between us wasn't perfect, but I'm happy I could hear (and see some of) the Greek students and see the German ones :).
    It was a very enjoyable experience meeting foreign students and talking to them, but it would be greater if German students could stay with us and speak some words about them. I hope we will be able to see each other again and speak more to know each other even better. I'm looking forward to working with German and Greek students in our groups and I hope that connection between us will be stronger and we'll be able to communicate without any problems.

    Łukasz Nowak

    I am very happy with our meeting. They all got together on time. Everything went very smoothly. Unfortunately, I had problems with the Internet and I was interrupted by everyone's voice. I am looking forward to meeting in our groups.

    Mateusz Łasaj, Poland

    The videoconference was longer than i expected due to the technical problems of some of the participants. Besides that I think this event was an interesting experience and I would be happy to take part in something like that again in near future.

    Michał Małocha Poland

    The videoconference was quite good extensive and I enjoyed it.
    It was my first videoconference, and everyone seemed to be very laid-back. I definitely will want to participate in a videoconference like that again. I can't wait to do it again.

    Julia Woskowicz

    Our meeting was worth the experience. We were able to meet interesting people and their approach to important matters. I am glad to be able to work with them.

    Paweł Duda, Poland

    My impression of the videoconference is very average. I think we could be more organized for example using our microphones when asked, knowing each other's meeting platform better, and coming to the platform earlier by 5 to 10 minutes so there are no technical problems. I hope that we in the future would be more organized and I think we will work better in smaller groups.

    Bartosz Guzik Poland

    It was our first meeting and I think it was ok. Unfortunately due to some technical problem sit was hard to really communicate or understand foreign. Poor internet connection and fact that so many people were at this conference made it harder to really meet foreign students. I believe that another meeting will be better and our co-operation will continue without all those technical problems.

    Krzysztof Ślęczek, Poland

    That was our first video conference. It's didn't go totally smoothly, mostly due to minor technical dfficulties but we managed to meet up :D
    Everybody introduced themselves and said a few words about themselves. Everybody seemed very gregarious and kind :)
    I hope our future cooperation will continue without technical difficulties and we will have great time together :D

    Justina Faransis-Rezk Greece

    We get many experiences,we spoke with guys who have the some age with us and we had fun time.I hope to do it again.Thanks very much children's who contact with us.I believe that the next time it wiil better.

    Christina Tsiligeridou, Greece

    Even though we had some technical difficulties and some organisation problems, we managed to speak all together . Everyone seems so nice and I really want to have the chance to meet them again and get to know them better! Can't wait to work with you.

    Konstantinos Chionidis, Greece

    I am very happy with this meeting. In the beggining some greek students couldn not connect or it was verry laggy, but we connected at the webex and everybody said something about themselves and it was fun. I am willing to meet them again.

    Mariam Fransis Rizk, Greece

    The meeting was perfect but I would prefer it if we could hear everyone. I'm glad with our meeting, all the students were likeable and I would like a lot to work with them. I can't wait to meet them again.

    Annie Tzanaki Greece

    That was our first video conference. In the beginning of meeting we had a lot of technical problems but in the end the meeting was great

    Agapi Pintouk Greece

    Even though this was our first video conference and we had a lot of technical problems at the beginning, it was very nice to meet you . You all seemed very nice . And I can't wait to meet you again but this time without technical problems , See you soon .

    Irene siachou, Greece

    The teleconference was unprecedented for me. I am happy that the school is allowing us to make a European programme. I admit I didn't get into the German platform it was pretty loaded, but then on the webex I think something better happened. I hope this new collaboration with the Polish and German students will go smoothly.

    Alina Backhaus

    In my opinion it was really nice to see the faces to the names. We could finally see with whom we are working with. Unfortunately the Internet connection wasn't that good and we couldn't hear each other well..But I think it was a very good idea to start a Video conference. :)

    Elea Krasnici, Germany

    It was cool to see the people from Poland but there were some technical problems but it is fine because it was our first video conference. I had fun


    It was lovely to meet you guys even though we had many problems.You all also seemed really nice and i hope we will meet up again soon without any technical problems this time.See you soon.

    Kristijan Mühling

    The meeting was really nice for me because I had the first expression about how it can be useful to do an international videoconference with other students. There were some technial problems at first but in a while the meeting was successful for me. Thank you for your participation.

    Leonora Dias Rodrigues

    It was a Little bit chaotic because of the connection and the fact that we were in a classroom with over 25 People. Even when we would mute the Micro it would continued to be a Little bit loud because we don't had headphones. But of Course it was a nice idea ! It would be a lot nicer if we could do a videoconference when we're all at home.

    Milena Wallerus Germany

    The meeting was great and it was nice to see the People we will work with. Due to Technical problems we couldn't hear everythink you said and we also had to leave the Conference after 10 minutes because we had other lessens after the Videoconference. I hope our future cooperation will continue without technical difficulties :)

    Vanessa Nawrath Germany

    In my opinion it was very nice to see the other people. Its easier to work with them if we can talk together. There were some technical problems but in a while it gets better and we can talk.

    Selina Wischnat Germany

    The Videoconference was a great idea with other studens. but there were a lot of techincal Problems. I hope it will be better next time.

    Karoline Kirsch

    In my opinion the Meeting was great and it was nice to meet your all. Sometimes we have Problem with the Connection but I think ist not a big Problem. I was happy that we meet the students and teacher from Poland and Greece. It was nice to see the People we work with. Maybe next time the qualiry will be better.

    Marcel Pietrasz, Germany

    The Meeting is an great idea, but the Problem is we had to much technicaly problems. I think we could try it again in small Groups, because I think it would be better for all and that we dont have too much problems.