Smart city amenities

  • Group memebers: Irene Siachou, Nikoleta Tereeva, (GR) Krzyszotof, Aleksander (PL), Nicola,Vanessa, Karoline (D)

    First, we communicated by eTwinning platform and then we made a team on instagram.

    In our cooperation there were the positives, but we had negative things, too. The important thing is that we finished the project. Because of the lockdown and overall COVID situation, our work on this was a bit more difficult but not impossible. We communicated with the rest of the group using Instagram, Zoom, Webex and BigBlueButton and despite internet slowdowns, it was possible to talk without major problems. Aleksander made the part about smart shipment with Krzysztof. We used Biteable to make some fancy animations and connect collected materials. Then we used Powtoon to convert "Smart museums" (made by Irene and Nikoleta) and "Smart restaurants" (made by Karoline, Vanessa and Nicola) parts from static PDFs to smooth animations. Eventually, everything was merged into one video using DaVinci Resolve.

    Our teams were divided into three topics: Smart restaurants, smart museums and shipment systems. The Greek and German group made a presentation and the Polish made a video with all of the ideas.

    For presenting our project we used three tools: Canva, Biteable and Animeker.

    For us it was a great experience. Also we met new friends. We hope after that project we will have communication with the members. International work on one particular subject was a new experience for us. It was a great occasion to meet new people and get to know how different ideas about one topic can have different nations. Overall, we had a nice time working on this project.

    Smart City Amenities are important and useful, because society needs to change. We have innovative ideas that will make the world more functional. Our video focuses on the topic of amenities in a smart city. These are facilities that everyone uses frequently, such as museums, restaurants or shipment systems. What can be changed in such normal things? You can find out by watching the video we have made.


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