• By Julian and Marcel.

    Safety in a smart city

    °It is easier for the police to find a prove by a criminell business when we have only digital money.

    °The tax office can see that the money haven’t a context            with a legal way.

    °The infrastructure of the city will be better than today.

    °The streets will be safe for cars and pedestrian.

    °With only self driving cars is it safe but also a risk for hackerattacks.

    °The lots of security cameras will help the police the tracing by a crime.     



    °Police isn´t coming sometimes, when some crimes are there.We can make a system for the police, that can check where the police is and where the people called the police to check, if the police is going there.

    °Security roboter that can maybe protect a zone with an alarm, which send a signal when some things are in this zone oft he view the roboter have.

    °More security cameras that can record all the things that happen.

    °Face Scan in cameras, which can find out people that are hiding from the police or something. Also Face Scans that find out who the guy or woman is during a crime, to find out where he lives and who he is.

    °More digitalisation in the streets, something like security systems in traffic which shows you where u need to pay attention in the streets (An attention, which can show you where much accidents happen or where much traffic exist) and also attention warning that shows you when the red traffic light is coming on the other side or your side.  


    by Mateusz Ł. and Łukasz