Smart Shipment Systems

  • By Aleksander J. and Krzysztof Ś.



    Due to one of the topis of our cooperation, we decided to make an interview with someone specialised in shipment systems in order to share our ideas and get to know how possible is their future introduction.


    Krzysztof: Good afternoon. Today Aleksander and I have the pleasure to speak with Ms Anna Smolicz, who manages a fast and professional service for sending parcels with reliable couriers "Pakersi" in Jaworzno.



    Anna Smolicz: Good afternoon.


    Aleksander: What is the usual route of a parcel sent in such a service until it is delivered to the recipient?


    AS: From the moment the parcel is sent here it is carried by the courier and then taken to the logistics centre. There it is sorted and after that, another courier picks it up and delivers it to the recipient.



    K: What do you think about current forms of shipping in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness?


    AS: In my opinion, they are quite good. Couriers arrive quickly and on time. It usually takes one to two days to deliver the parcel to the recipient.


    A: Which areas could be improved or reworked?


    AS: Definitely the amount of paperwork could be reduced, especially for international shipments outside the European Union. These are mostly customs shipments. IT systems are also a bit outdated. They should be simpler, clearer and easier to use so that they are faster and the customer doesn’t have to wait.



    K: In our project, there are ideas of introduction e.g., drone transport, space rockets or even teleports in shipping. How do you consider their sense and how can these amenities make people’s life easier?


    AS: Certainly, packages or parcels would arrive faster, they would save a lot of time and everything would work easier, more efficiently and faster.


    A: Considering how the world is developing, would it be possible to introduce these ideas before 2040?


    AS: I think that some of them yes, like drones. There is a probability that it could happen very soon. When it comes to rockets, I can imagine them. In terms of teleportation, I don’t think it is implementable. However, technology is developing fast so everything might be possible.



    K: If any of these ideas have a chance to be implemented, at what stage might be now efforts connected with introducing smart solutions for example in our city or in general?


    AS: When it comes to Jaworzno city, I am not familiar with it. In general, it seems to me that someone has already come up with an idea of using drones in shipment and is working on it now. In terms of rockets probably not yet, but maybe soon. Whereas teleports I can’t imagine.


    A: Thank you very much for the interview and we wish you all the best. Goodbye!




    In conclusion, the shipment sector in Poland is well developed and there is no need for major changes. Although such ideas as using drones and space rockets in parcel transport would improve its reliability and celerity. In fact, the idea of using drones is being introduced to life right now. In some places, you can already find them delivering light parcels. Unfortunately implementing blazing-fast teleports may be impossible in future, but maybe, who knows? We hope that despite everything future will bring our ideas to reality.




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