Having worked out new ideas for smart solutions together with their partners in small international groups, Polish students organized meetings with representatives of the institutions responsible for digitalization of the town and region. They talked about the present situation and extent of making the town/region smart. They recorded the interviews and translated them into English. They talked to:

    University and High School Teachers

    The Marshal Office of Silesia representative

    Jaworzno Town Office representative resposible for traffic solutions

    The Director of the regional museum

    Shipping Access Point Leaseholder

    A bank clerk

    Jaworzno Public Transport Office representative

    The students presented their international groups work results and asked about the possibilities of implementing those ideas into practice.

    It turned out that it is possible to to use their ideas in the near or further future and they will be taken into consideration.

    Here is the output of their work together with comprehesion quizzes:

    Schools and Universities

    Retrofitting and renewable energy sources

    Smart Parking Lots

    Smart Museum

    Smart Shipment Systems

    Smart Payments

    Public Transport

    All pictures and materials used in the research and results presentation were made after the consent of the people involved in this research. Some pictures taken from official pages of particular institutions are with CC license.