Online meeting C1

  • Warm-up meeting. We believe that we will be able to fully implement the project activities as planned. This meeting is designed to involve students more in the project, to strengthen their self-esteem and their identity among their peers from other countries.

    More than 80 students (some of them with special needs) and teachers took part in this meeting. Students presented their schools, friends, hobbies, share their feelings and expectations of the pandemic situation and project activities for the next year. All students prefer to meet project friends face to face, to do project activities at schools together, visit other countries and get know more about the cultural heritage of each country. 

    Meeting record:

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    Our feedback shows what great goals we have achieved!

    • "The speech, which I should say at the end of the meeting. I’m so glad you weren’t disappointed with this event, which was more of a test. We were all in this situation for the first time, but our team worked great. Thanks to the whole team: Fatih, Jose, Eva, Idil, Claudia, Mariarosaria, Bengu, Milai and others, who helped the students to take part in this online meeting. We are all teachers and we have a great understanding of the hard and unpredictable way we work with our students - so we educate and prepare them for life. And if a student has not learned something - it is not the teacher's failure, then it is our ordinary job to educate him in that situation. Thank you for being together, for being so kind and understanding. You really are professionals in your work!"
    • "Hi , the experience we shared yesterday formed our students so much, I saw in them the European spirit and the desire for knowledge. thanks to  all colleagues"
    • "Yes, sometimes our job isn't easy.... Together with pupils we learn and improve ourselves everyday and try to do our best possible. Yesterday was a great experience for teachers and students, (because we both never stop learning), and proved that schools are not closed, they are always opened to  give  positive messages everywhere, at any time and in every situation.
      Some of my student felt touched to see empty classrooms but  with teachers  working and giving  support, students wearing masks and others from home...they realized that we are  all in the same situation, it was like watching a film..... Some of them were a bit demotivated, for many reasons, but after yesterday they regained the strength to work again and do something..
      That's the miracle of school ( and teacher) and we want to keep it alive, always! 

      Thanks again to all partners for cooperating  and to Ruta, for her patience 😊, her superb organization and her positive energy - giving words. 
      Ad maiora semper.!"

    • "This was the first time for our students too. They were anxious and nervous at the same time"

    • "My students are anxious to change emails address and begin writing each other. We must think a way to do this."

    • "Good, i am anxious to see the video. The first meeting is always difficult to them, it's difficult to speak words run away "