"Andalusian Green Living" C5 Torremolinos

  • Activities

    Oficial program C5 Mobility
    Stem Groups

    List of names of international erasmus students organized in groups with names of local plants, herbs and flowers.

    Recycling Workshops

    With all recycled materials we have prepared Art Work reinterpretations
    for the exposition in curricular integration.
    Teacher: Daphne Prados

    "Art for Recycling, Recycling for Art"

    Exhibition of all the art work and products produced for the exposition.
    Teacher: Daphne Prados.

    STEM TEAMS Workshop Recycled Art Works

    In mixed stem groups, students have compose a series of art pieces in the recycling workshops.

    eTwinning Workshop with Ambassador Karen Quill

    Working on strategies and for integrated curriculum and innovative pedagogy for KA229 Erasmus+ and eTwinning

    Environmental Words Presentation Turkey
    Environmental Words Romania
    Environmental Words Poland
    Environmental Words Spain
    Environmental Words presentation Italy
    Soap Making Workshop

    With used oil and caustic soda solution we have prepared soap that the students are taking back home.

    Mobile plastic container workshop

    With used plastic bottles to create a mobile support object

    Lecture on Sustainable Tourism Travel Green by Antonio Aviles

    Presentation by Geology and Ecology teacher from the Science Department at the UMA, University of Malaga.

    Local Torremolinos TV Interview on "Green Alliance" Week

    Spanish coordinator Daphne Prados shows the students workshops results on "Art for Recycling, Recycling for Art" on Torremolinos local TV audience.

    Desembocadura del Guadalhorce Natural Park

    Flamingo breeding at Guadalhorce Natural Park in Malaga

    Torcal Natural Park

    The Torcal is a karstic stone formation environment. Visit with students

    Cultural Heritage Visit. La Alhambra of Granada

    La Alhambra is one of the most visited monumental complex in the World.

    Desembocadura del Guadalhorce Natural Park Video

    It describes the park from a scientific point of view

    Living Guernika

    Presentation of the living Guernika, on the opening ceremony of the C5 mobility in Spain. Adaptation in english of the painting by Pablo Picasso "Guernika", in a theatrical performance with moving pieces constructed by the students of IES Costa del Sol with all recycled materials.

    Erasmus + „Green Alliance” - C5 Spain mobility

    Romanian team production
    16-20 february 2020

    "Aula del Mar" Museum visit in Malaga

    Some of the rare species discovered in Malaga bay and exposed at the museum. Learning, teaching activities in February, Spain.

    "Aula del Mar" Museum and Boat ride in the Bay of Malaga.

    Teaching, learning and training activities with students and teachers in Malaga city during the C5 mobility to Spain. February 2020

    Opening Ceremony "Sustainable Tourism Our Way of Living: Travel Green"

    Opening Ceremony for the Teaching, Training and Learning Activities C5 in Torremolinos with the 6 schools' participation.

    Cultural Heritage Visit in Malaga

    Erasmus team in front of the Alcazaba Moorish Castle and the Roman Theatre in Malaga Centre

    LIVING GUERNIKA Art Performance IES Cost del Sol.

    Our students performed on the theatrical setting of our Guernika recyled painted pieces by Pablo Picasso in our opening ceremony

    Stories on Living Guernika Art Performance

    The story behind Picasso's Art Masterpiece told by the protagonist.