Media education: From passive consumers to active creators

The project aims at implementing media education at the secondary schools of five European countries while using hands-on approach as the main teaching method. Students will learn how to use simple media production technologies and techniques by creating media outputs in the form of videos, a joint newspaper, a website and counter advertisements on...



Brochures still consist a basic part of the traditional printed marketing world. It is an extremely flexible medium used by individuals, companies, organizations to reach out to the public in an accessible, artistic and inexpensive way either for educating or convincing purposes.




During our next meeting you will be invited to create your own brochures in mixed nationality groups, using your own collected material (info and photos); you will be given the chance to visit the places and ... have the taste of everything in order to create your authentic material.You may work with Microsoft Publisher or any other tool you are familiar with.

You may also take a look at the infographic above before we meet.

Then, as always, you will have to give us your feedback!



  Tri-fold   Brochures created in mixed-nationality teams during our meeting  













For detailed reading:


Great job!

Your brochures and the video below will always remind you of this experience! :)



Author: Darina Kocurova
Last editor: Glykeria Gouvatsou