Media education: From passive consumers to active creators

The project aims at implementing media education at the secondary schools of five European countries while using hands-on approach as the main teaching method. Students will learn how to use simple media production technologies and techniques by creating media outputs in the form of videos, a joint newspaper, a website and counter advertisements on...


How is a real TV reportage? How do the camera and the microphone work? We are guided through the process that requires a professional research and learn how we write and ask questions like real reporters -  Karpos workshop.


TRANSNATIONAL MEETING IN ATHENS, 2016: getting prepared for real life experience! 

Learning together... by an expert!


The outcome: Students interviewing ...students!


we... THE REPORTERS ... in real life action!

International Symposium  "Aristotle Anniversary Year:  From hate speech to tolerance and understanding”

Students as reporters and cameramen interviewing international personalities including the Vice Minister of Education.

British Council Greece Video :



Students with the Physics teacher's help make a list of querries and arrange an online meeting with the Cern personel!

Author: Glykeria Gouvatsou
Last editor: Glykeria Gouvatsou