Media education: From passive consumers to active creators

The project aims at implementing media education at the secondary schools of five European countries while using hands-on approach as the main teaching method. Students will learn how to use simple media production technologies and techniques by creating media outputs in the form of videos, a joint newspaper, a website and counter advertisements on...




This is a class  open to everyone: students, colleagues, parents, visitors!


We are happy to meet you all in this classroom!

Together we will set off a long and exciting journey to the Media world! A world that seems to be magic, intriguing and simple but ... might  be fake, complicated and powerful enough to shape our lives! 

And there is much more  about our project and the activities we've been developing here : 

- Project website                             - Facebook page                                       - EMEL f/b page

NOTE: All the activities are based on Lesson Plans created by the partners and are available to everyone for free HERE 

                                                                THE PROJECT PARTNER SCHOOLS

  • SPŠ Svidník, Slovakia . Agrupamento de Escolas de Casquilhos, Portugal

  • 11th Lyceum Peristeriou, Greece  IIS Bertarelli-Ferraris, Italy 

  • IES Districte Maritim, Spain



The Participants


Author: Cristina Ramalho
Last editor: Glykeria Gouvatsou