Media education: From passive consumers to active creators

The project aims at implementing media education at the secondary schools of five European countries while using hands-on approach as the main teaching method. Students will learn how to use simple media production technologies and techniques by creating media outputs in the form of videos, a joint newspaper, a website and counter advertisements on...

Logo Designs

What is a logo? What is it for? A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbols commonly used to identify businesses, organizations, products and even individuals in a unique and recognizable manner. What about creating a logo for our project and another one for our EMEL website? Be creative! The best logos will be chosen during our first short-term learning activity.    


Logo designs for the project :


                                                           The chosen logo:




                              Logo designs for EMEL website:


                                                                     The chosen logo:




Author: Cristina Ramalho
Last editor: Glykeria Gouvatsou