QR Codes

  •  QR codes, despite existing for quite long,  have recently come to the fore appearing everywhere in our lives, from marketing and product packaging to tickets and bus stops.

    So what exactly are these strange little, two-dimensional images? What's their function? How can we read them? How could we possibly use them? What kind of information/messages do they carry? 



    Your assignments before our meeting!

     You are invited to 

    1. download a free QR code reader app for mobiles such as  i-nigma,  QR Code reader, UpCode reader or whatever!

    ex. go to www.i-nigma.mobi on your mobile phone. i-nigma will automatically identify your handset type, download and install i-nigma.

    2. Tap on i-nigma (a camera is activated),  point to the QR code and ...read this QR code. 

    QR Code

    3. Visit this qr code generator to do what the QR code above suggests, save it as png  and send us the image.  





    You, teachers, have to find your own one! Have fun all together!

    In-group Assignments
    The Outcomes:  a rich collection!
    It really seems you have enjoyed it, even "QR code reading" the evaluation forms!
    More of our collection in the file!