Cyberbullying - Padlets

  • The spread of electronic communication technologies has brought along a new form of bullying, cyberbullying, which can be even more harmful than traditional bullying. As you know, victims can be targeted at any time of the day or night, messages, pictures and/or videos can be forwarded to an unlimited audience and the harassment is extremely difficult to control and escape. Therefore, cyberbullying can have very serious consequences. It's up to us all to try to put an end to it. What can we do? We can, for example, create a padlet to raise awareness of the impact cyberbullying can have on people. Actually, that's one of the tasks you'll be invited to perform with your peers from all partner countries during our next short-term learning activity. Easy, right?

    Your padlet can be directed either to victims, bystanders, bullies or people in general. And very important: after creating it, don't forget to post it to all your social media sites. The more people we reach, the better. 



    Working together on our padlet