Symbolism Posters

  • Have you ever noticed that we live surrounded by symbols? Actually, they have always been around since prehistoric times and over the centuries artists have used them to stand for something else. But apart from helping artists suggest ideas and emphasise the meaning behind the forms, lines, shapes and colour, they are also important in our everyday life as a means of communication. So what if we celebrated the importance of symbols in today’s world? How? Well, by designing symbolism posters to express your opinion about a specific topic. Would you accept the challenge? Let’s get symbolic!

    Please, keep in mind that a good poster is:

    • AESTHETIC – It should grab attention so that your message can be delivered.
    • FOCUSED – It should focus on and communicate a single message.
    • ORDERED – The sequence should be well-ordered and obvious.

    And we did get symbolic and creative as well. Check out our posters. What about creating symbolism posters in your own classroom?

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