Gamify Your Message


    In the multi-media world of our century messages can be transmitted in various ways and you may present your findings of research projects in several types including games and gamified formats.


    In our next meeting yor are invited to gamify your own content or even better to use gamification as an effective way to communicate your message and, even better, make an effort to lead the players to certain answers or data , meaning ... to  guide behaviours;

    Using a free online tool you will research a topic, focus on the main points to be carried forward, ask great questions and                 come up with wrong answers as well as the right ones, in order to convey your own messages in a powerful way.

    The proper use of the tool  will give you  a voice within your classroom or/and out of it globally and as  

      an alternative medium to inform and change attitudes at the same time.





    For those of you who missed our online event on 9th Feb to celebrate SID, here is a link to play the game at your own convenience and get familiarized whith the game environment.  

    • Visit this link  here  
    • For more info about what SID is or instructions how to play, you may visit our Forum section


    Upcoming meeting assignment

    Our next meeting is already scheduled (29th February)!                                                                                                             It's time for you step forward and  gamify your own message. You will search a topic of your interest and gamify your findings or your "voice". You will be provided with any quidance needed here.

    Just to get an idea, in the doc below you may find some instructions and ideas on topics with suggested to search links, but you are encouraged to come with your own suggestions and topics and decide in your groups. Think about topics you really want to learn about and share your knowledge afterwars.


    The products

    You have been an amazing class! You may share your creations and "spread the word"! Teach others how to do it and encourage them to add their contribution! Knowledge must be shared!

    1. Media Education-Our project 

    2. Child abuse 

    3. Philosophy    

    4. Fast Fashion-child labor 

    5. Racism and Stereotypes 

    6.  Social media and self esteem