Short Film making

  • This is a great moment in our project!  The idea of our film story is set!




    Now answer these questions to contribute to the plot and the end of the story


    The step to step procedure





    Coming soon !!!


    "O F F L I N E"

    Our first attempt is released!



    Our first shots together are here:



    Your assignment: 

    "Montage is an instrument, a medium, a kind of art"

    1. Composing different parts of the film and the shots you gave together will result to different outcomes!

    You may experiment on that during your summer break and share your amazing new products!

    Reminder: The use of internet restriction to ONE hour per week has caused several problems.

    Izabella has been trying to reach online her friend Marios, who has moved abroad.

    Marios (still at school) is also unable to get in touch with Izabella.

    Try to insert the clips in the short film.

    The best point suggested is 3:56-4:00

    You may use youtube editor or Windows movie maker or imovie VideoPad video editor


    What is next- Last step :

    2. English subtitles, but for the moment ...

    have a nice summer break!