Media education: From passive consumers to active creators

The project aims at implementing media education at the secondary schools of five European countries while using hands-on approach as the main teaching method. Students will learn how to use simple media production technologies and techniques by creating media outputs in the form of videos, a joint newspaper, a website and counter advertisements on...


Dear colleagues-visitors,

The main goal of this project is to contribute to media education implementation in secondary schools.

Therefore, although we’re not experts in the area, we dared to create lesson plans on media education using a hands-on approach and applied them in our own classrooms either locally or during our short term meetings.

We would like to invite you to visit our    EMEL    (European Media Education Lab)

  • to  explore our bank of resources,
  • to download and use our lesson plans for free
  • to give us feedback and help us to improve them  or  what is best ....
  • to share your own idea/scenario!  If you are willing to create your own lesson plan you may use the template below and contact us here   

               Thank you!

                                     The EMEL partners







Author: Cristina Ramalho
Last editor: Glykeria Gouvatsou