19. School cultural visits

  • School visit at a Culture center in Cyprus

    Agioi Omologites Cultural Workshop is active in Nicosia. The Center is made up of people who work in the field of Art and Culture and aims, with events and presentations it organizes, to offer creative opportunities to the citizens of Nicosia and its members, mainly through speech, music and dance.It is a non-profit organization and provides resources from its members' subscriptions and offers from individuals or organizations that trust its activity. Since its inception in 1999 it has developed a rich artistic activity and has managed to establish itself in the consciousness of the citizens of Nicosia as one of the most important cultural institutions of the city.

    School visit in "France Miniature" in France

    In September 2019, the students who are part of the project went to France Miniature to discover the cultural heritage of France.


    School visit in France July 1st 2121

    In Dampierre en Yvelines

    lunch in a nice restaurant