Entrepreneurial activity

  • Create a toy


    • Create a toy from different materials
    • Train creativity and resourcefulness 
    • Develop Entrepreneurial mindset
    • Lern the basics of financial literacy


    You will create a toy in teams. You have different materials you can use. Each material has its price per unit. Whatever you use, you have to count it as cost of your production (also rent, salary...). 

    Unit selling price of the toy is 5€

    1. Create a toy in 30 min, fill in the Toy costs document and prepare promotion - a short speech to convince others to buy your toy. 

    2. Present your toy

    3. Decide what toy you want to buy and write your name on the paper next to the toy. Don´t buy a toy of your team.

    4. The winner is the team with highest profit. 

    Here is the Toy costs document 

    Toy costs.pdf

    Let´s count your profit

    And the winner is...

  • Toys created by teams

    Display of the toys

    Our winner

    The butterfly 200
    My best friends
    ustensils to create a toy
    Explanation of the activity
    Group work
    Group work
    group work
    group work
    group work
    Time to convince
    Time to convince
    Time to convince
    Time to convince
    time to convince
    Time to vote
    time to vote
    Time to vote