4. Our 1st newsletter

  • Objectives :

    • Develop written skills
    • Learn to work in international groups
    • Know how to summarize
    • Create a newsletter

    -----> You are going to write a newsletter:  3 steps

    1. You are going to be divided into 9 international teams.

    • One nationality per group.
    • Describe each day and also give your feeling about the different activities. 

    To see it in big, click here


    2. In order to finalize our first newsletter of our meeting you work in 6 teams.

    • The teams is created at random, pick up a number and worked with the partners who have the same number.
    • Each team was responsible for half a day.
    • Read the information written on the Padlet above and compile all the information given by the previous teams on shared documents
    • Here are the links to the shared documents ( click on your team to open the document):

    Team 1 

    Team 2 

    Team 3   

      Team 4 

     Team 5 

    Team 6

    Lisa, Jakub, Maria, James


    Marea, Sylem, Celia


    Lukas, Louelle, Pascalinah

    Cedric, Paris,

    Efi, Antoine



    Andreas, Marilena

    Nikolas, Lotte,



      Monday morning 

      Monday afternoon


    Tuesday morning


    Tuesday afternoon

    Wednesday morning

    Wednesday afternoon


    3. One person in each team will complete the pages of our newsletter.

    • Decide among your group who will do it. We are using Madmagz   
    • Here is the link : click here


    --------------------------------- > DEADLINE END OF DECEMBER            

    Here is the result of our collaborative work

    Click on the page to read it or click in this link to see it in big