Page for teachers - Part 3

  • Objectives:

    • Share responsibilities
    • Work collaboratively
    • Know where we are

    On this page we will work together to see who has which responsibilities

    All these activities and responsabilities are needed to be done before the visit in Nicosia, Cyprus.

    Activities before the first LTT in Nicosia Tool Who is responsible of  it ? When Done
    Choosing the "look" of our ecooking book Google Christos CY April 2019 Done
    Creating the newsletter Madmagz Murièle FR

    April 2019

    Creating our leaflet Pictochart Kornelia SK April 2019 Done
    Creating and editing the film of our mobilities in Trappes Youtube Markus/Annemarie NL May 2019 Done
    Dissiminating our project during the European Day PTT Each coordinator of each country May 2019 Done
    Compiling our recipes in our ecooking book Google Christos CY June 2019 Done
    Voting for the film and giving one's point of view Vote TS + Forum TS Murièle FR June 2019 Done
    Evaluation of the first year of work Forum TS Murièle FR  June 2019 Done
    Seventh Webinar Adobe of the TS Kornelia June 2019 Done
    Choosing and preparing a traditional dance of one's country   Each coordinator of each country Must be ready for our visit in Cyprus Done
    Eighth webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle FR September 2019 Done
    Sending the invitation letter to the guest countries letter Christos CY September 2019 Done
    Making a survey in each country to find the 5 best representative songs of our countries   Each coordinator of each country September 2019 Done
    Listening to our partners' songs/voting for our best one in each country/ Giving our arguments Twinboard TS + Vote TS + Forum TS Murièle FR October 2019 Done
    Organizing a meeting with parents to present the mobility in Cyrpus   Each coordinator November 2019 Done
    Ninth webinar Adobe of the TS Kornelia SK November Done


    Third Learning Teaching Training in Cyprus Agia Varva

    From 18 th November to 22nd November 2019

    By Caring


    • Discover our partners' country
    • Sing our most representative songs
    • Perform traditional dances
    • Create questions for the escape game
    • Update the website

    - The students will have to perform the songs they learnt.

    - They will dance their traditional dances.

    - They will visit 2 points of interest and they will creat questions for the escape game.

    - They will write daily report in international teams in order to be able to write the newsletter after the visiT.

    - They will have an entrepreneuship activity in creating a toy in international teams.