Page for teachers - Part 4

  • Objectives:

    • Share responsibilities
    • Work collaboratively
    • Know where we are

    On this page we will work together to see who has which responsibilities

    All these activities and responsabilities are needed to be done before the visit in the Netherlands.


    Activities before the first LTT in Gorinchem Tools Who is responsible When Done
    Creating the newsletter Madmagz Murièle FR December 2020 Done
    Creating our leaflet Pictochart Kornelia SK January 2020 Done
    Creating and editing the film of our mobilities in Agia Youtube Markus/AnnemarieNL February 2020 Done
    Tenth webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle FR March 2020 Done
    Dissiminating our project in our school PTT Each coordinators March 2020 Done
    Covid-19 school lockdown -------- -------- March - April 2020 ----
    Chat with students TS Christos CY  March 2020 Done
    Voting for the film and giving one's point of view Vote TS + Forum TS Murièle FR April 2020 Done
    Eleventh Webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle FR May 2020 Done
    Creating posters to promote our countries Pictochart Each coordinator of each country June 2020 Done
    Twelveth webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle FR June 2020 Done
    Webinar with the coordinators to decide what to do next Twinspace online meeting Murièle FR October 2020 Done
    Thirteenth webinar Adobe of the TS Christos October 2020 Done
    Creating the interviews for our TV show + sending the recording to the Dutch team

    Own personnal device

    We transfer

    Each coordinator November 2020-January 2021 Done
    Fourteenth webinar Teams Kornelia Sk February 2021 Done
    Creating and editing our TV show Youtube Annemarie NL Feburary 2021  
    Creating quizzes to be used for our escape game LearningApps Christos CY March 2021 Done
    Fifteenth webinar Teams Kornelia SK April 2021 Done
    Asking our students to prepare questions for the interview of the European Deputy and for the virtual visit of the European Parliament Forum in out TS Murièle FR May 2021 Done
    Sixteeth webinar Teams Kornelia Sk May 2021 Done
    Realising our final virtual event







    All coordinators May 2021 Done
    Doing the final evaluation

    Google docs


    All coordinators June 2021 Done

    Applying for the QL


    Google docss eTwinningLive All coordinators June 2021 Done
    Filling the E+PRP European Platform French coordinator of the project July 2021 Started
    Writting the final report on Mobility tool

    Google docs

    Mobility tool

    French coordinator has started then all the coordinators will do it before August 31st August 2021 Started


    • Fourth Learning, Teaching ,Training in the Netherlands, Gorinchem ( CANCELLED due to COVID-19)

    By enjoying


    Finish the escape game and test it

    Play with the escape game

    Finalise the website

    Participate to a TV programme for the promotion of our project.


    • Fifth Learning, Teaching, Training online C5- LTT online

    By finalising


    Exchange with a Euro deputy

    Visit virtually different places

    Play the escape game

    Realise a Live Tv show

    Do the evaluations