2. Our netiquette

  • Objectives :

    • Create a common agreement to respect
    • Respect internet netiquette
    • Become a good citizen

    We are going to work  on the twinspace to communicate and collaborate with your European partners for two years.

    Have a look at the definition of the "Netiquette"

    According to you which rules we should follow in order to make our project work succesfully.

    Task 1. Write your ideas on the "Tricider" below

    Task 2. Give your arguments

    Task 3. We'll edit a poster with your ideas

    How to write on "Tricider"

    • To add a new idea, click on the buttom bottom left, give your idea and don't forget to write your name.
    • To agree or to disagree use the middle column
    • To vote for the best ideas AT THE END OF THIS ACTIVITY, your teacher will tell you when to vote.

    -------------------------------- > DEADLINE END OF OCTOBER

    If a window pops up, don't sign in, just click on "no, thank you".

    This is the result in Image of our 10 rules

    You can click on the picture to see it bigger