20. Our posters

  • Objectives :

    • Present the cultural heritage of our partner countries
    • Work with web tools
    • Develop creativity


    Task 1:

    You are going to work in  4 or more national teams. Choose who do you work with and then tell your teacher, he or she will write your name in the chart below.


      Cyprus France Slovakia The Netherlands
    Will present



    Maria S, Savia A, Anna A, Christina S, Gregoris G, Maria C, Maria A


    Team 1 : Sylem, Léo, Amin

    Team 2: Kylian, Cédric, Sandro

    Team 3:

    Vitor, Célia, Pascalinah

    The Netherlands

    This team will present a game they will do the poster after our meeting in the Netherlands


    Jore, Louelle, Lisa en Lotte


    Task 2:

    Each team will create a poster of our  partners' country cultural heritage. 

    On this poster, you will present what do you think represent best the culture of the country. 

    Use only the photos taken during our visits in our countries, the songs presented by your partners, the food we ate during our visits in our 4 countries. 

    • As a tool you can use :

    -----> Genially (this is the link) and this is a tutorial on how to use it 

    Do not create an account our project has already one

    Login : cultureinaction2018@gmail.com

    Ask the password to your teacher.

    ----> Powerpoint

    ----> Publisher if you have it in your school. Ask to your teacher to teach you how to use it 


    Task 3 

    When you finish your poster, upload it into "Materials" and then add it on the Twinboard below

  • Present here the posters you created

    Poster Chypre

    Célia french group

    Cyprus poster

    Assita french group

    Cyprus poster

    Pascalinah French group

    France poster

    Gregoris - Cyprus group

    France poster 2

    Anna - Cyprus group

    Poster Slovakia

    Dutch group

    Poster Slovakia2

    Dutch Group