8. How to create an Escape Game

  • Objectives :

    • Create the setting of the escape game
    • Work in teams
    • Develop imagination
    • Elect your best setting



    Task 1 :

    You are going to create the setting of our Escape Game in teams.

    Click on your group to work on a shared document.

      Cyprus France Netherlands Slovakia
    Group 1 Savvia Pascalinah Jamie Tomas
    Group 2 Anna Vitor Annelie Chiara
    Group 3 Maria James/Sylvain - David
    Group 4 Maria Celia Chiara Romana
    Group 5 Gregoris Sylem Joris Lukas


    • 1. You must find a theme to your escape game

    Try to be creative and keep in mind that our project is on Cultural Heritage

    Tell where and when it will take place

    • 2. You must write the scenario of your Escape Game

    Find objects/ characters which belong to your theme

    • 3. You must find a "event" to your Escape Game

    Find an event in relation with your theme

    • 4. You must tell what we must find at the end

    Find the final aim of the Escape Game

    • 5. You must tell how long the game will last

    Try not to do a too long Escape Game

    • 6. You must tell which objects you will need for your Escape Game

    (For example : Locker, UV lamp, pen with invisible ink ...)

    Task 2 :

    You will present your work to the group

    Task 3 :

    You will choose which setting you like the best to keep for our Escape Game


  • Among the 5 themes which escape game scenario do you vote for ?
    Group 1 The castle of Limassol
    4 votes (23.53%)
    Group 2 Escaping from an island
    3 votes (17.65%)
    Group 3 Spaceship on Mars
    1 vote (5.88%)
    Group 4 Technology city 2080
    1 vote (5.88%)
    Group 5 Killer clowns
    8 votes (47.06%)