Page for teachers - Part 1

  • Objectives:

    • Share responsibilities
    • Work collaboratively
    • Know where we are

    On this page we will work together to see who has which responsibilities

    All these activities and responsabilities are needed to be done before the visit in Slovakia, Bratislava

    Activities before the first LTT in Bratislava Tools we will use Who is responsible of  it ? When


    Creating a directory

    We'll create an account for the project and use the same login and the same password for all the tools that will be used during our project. You will find them on the private page "Directory-only for teachers"

    Twinspace Murièle September Done
    Registering the project on the eTwinning platform TS Murièle / Christos 1st week of September done
    Inviting partners TS Murièle 1st week of September done
    Inviting colleagues from school TS Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia September





    Informing the parents(as quests) of the

    project and inviting them after we have made

    the selection of the students

    letter Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia 2nd and 3rd September Done
    Creating the timeline of the project Timeline JS



    September  Done

    Creating an email address for our project,

    Facebook, Twitter


    Christos - Facebook, gmail,

    Muriele = twitter

    Ideas from students


    Facebook & gmail=Done

    First webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle September Done
    Registering our students TS Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia September Done for every team
    Teaching our pupils how to work on the Twinspace TS Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia September Done

    Writing the netiquette by the students ( make

    our students define how to behave on the net

    and write 10 behaviors to respect to do)



    October Done

    Filling in their profiles in order to introduce

    themselves to the other participants.


    every participant on the TS(on their etwinning account)

    Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia

    September Done

    A questionnaire will be given to our students to let us know how much they know about the culture of our 4 partners (the same questionnaire will be given at the end and so we’ll be able to see what they will learn)


    Google docs

    All teachers

    Muriele created the GD

    October DONE
    Celebrating the language day in making a survey to know the language speaking in our speaking by the students/ teachers/ and in recording some words in foreign languages. Power point - Gmail Kornelia / Christos September 26th Done 

    Asking  questions on our participants’ school and school systems.

    Each country must answer the questions. Starting their answers with "In France ...." , "In Croatia....", In Cyprus ..." In Netherlands ..."

    Forum  / Twinspace Christos October Done
    Second webinar Adobe of the TS Murièle Ocotber Done

    Making a survey to know the origins of our pupils

    Google docs Murièle /Christos/Rita/ Kornélia November Done but pb with the tool zeemap. It is not free any more
    Pinpointing on a "emap" the results to show the huge potential of cultural heritage we have all together.



    Third webinar adobe of the TS Murièle November Done
    Creating a logo for our project -  

    All students will be involved 


    November Done
    Thinking of our website   Christos December Done

    Last week of November From 25th November to 1st December 2018
    Objectives :

    • Discover the region of our partners
    • Present the website
    • Start to invent game for the escape game
    • Build the team

    - The pupils will participate in ice breaking activity to get to know each other and to form a group cohesion.
    - We’ll present the concept of escape game and the tools we’ll use to realise it.
    - The Dutch team will teach us how to make a logo.
    - Cyprus will show us the structure of the our project website and teach us how it looks like
    - In order to the reinforce the cultural aspect, we’ll visit of 2 points of interests in Bratislava and our pupils will have to create games for our escape game. they will have to present those games and be tested by the different teams.
    - Each day teams of international students will write the summary of the day to produce a newsletter after the visit.

    - Take photos and films to be used after for our newsletter.