26. Final evaluation

  • Objectives :

    • Evaluate the project
    • Improve my skills
    • Improve next projects

    Evaluation for students

    Task 1

    Give words qualifying our project. Write them one by one

    Task 2

    Fill in this questionnaire


    Results of our students' final evaluation

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  • Task 3 . Write here what you think of this project.

    My opinion on the project

    I think this project was amazing. I learned a lot of new things about the countries involved(their culture, religion..), met new people... If I have an opportunity to join something similar, I 100% will. It was an educational and joyful experience. I strongly recommend this, if you want to improve your English skills and such.

    My opinion on the project - Sylvain-FR

    I think this projet was very cool. I learned how to speak English better and the cultures of the different countries (their langage, traditions, dances, food, monuments, history...). This project give me more confidence. I loved it.

    Kylian : My opinion-FR

    I think this project was very nicely done and entertaining to me, I learned a lot and had some fun. Sadly I had gone nowhere but I trust my clasmates with their stories, yes I was supposed to go in the Netherlands but Mr. Covid came along. Still had some fun!

    My opinion on the project-Sylem-FR

    It was a good experience to be able to meet a lots of people who come from different countries and learn their culture. I would love to do the project again.

    In my opinion on he project of Cedric-FR

    For me, this project was interesting because I learnt another culture and language. It is culture and language of our partners' country, I met new pupils in other schools and I boosted my English.


    Okay, I really loved this project because, I did two travels, I discovered another culture : Food, dancing, songs, language... and a lot of great people. Thank you so much for these three years !

    My opinion on the project - Thimo-NL

    I really liked this project. Even though it was only three days, I really feel like I’ve learned a lot about the other countries and their cultures. I also really liked meeting other people from other countries. It was very fun to talk with them. This project also really boosted my selfconfidence, and it made it easier for me to talk to people I haven’t met yet. I loved being a part of this project.

    Anastasia's opinion

    I loved this project and I learned a lot of interesting things about other countries, I loved the team work and i can't wait to participate in another Erasmus+ program

    Sonia's opinion

    I really liked the project. I Iearned a lot of interesting things about other countries. The team work was amazing and the kids were very easy to talk to. Cant wait to see them!

    My opinion on the project - Aggeliki-CY

    To be honest i really enjoyed it because i learned new things. Also the project gave me confidence which concerned my English. If I had the opportunity to travel, i 100% will. Due to covid 19 we couldn't travel but we fortunately found an alternative way to communicate.


    I think of it's a good opportunity for me in the future.
    Speaking with other students in other countries

    Chrysta's and Georgia's opinion-CY

    The project was very interesting and educational. It taught us a lot about other cultures. We also met some really nice people!

    Marina's opinion-CY

    For me this project was very interesting and i think it help us to learn some new things about other countries and their culture. Also it improves our English and help us to work on team work. It was really useful for our future, we also met new people. I really enjoyed it and i hope i can join again the Erasmus team in the future and visit some countries too next time.

    Sophia's opinion-CY

    That was a one in a lifetime experience. Even though we didn't visit any countries, we managed to get the vibe and enter the European atmosphere. We learnt new information and fun facts about those countries. I even remember now, who the president of each country is. hehehe. The traditions, the cuisine, the different spots in each country, the spectacular countryside appealed to me and made me an impression. But, again, I would LOVE to see you face to face.
    -Sophia the First:)

    My opinion on the project - Demetra-CY

    The Erasmus project was really interesting .I think we all learnt general knowledge that will be useful in the future . From this project we all gained not only new information, but also social skills . In order to do the project we had to communicate with foreign students , which I really enjoyed . I think all the students that took part had an amazing time. In addition, this project was incredible and I would definitely do it again, if the opportunity was given to me in the near future .

    Pascalina's opinion-FR

    Culture in Action is a fantastic project. there were a lot of interesting activities. Il loved speaking English and improving my English with people that I didn't know. I loved working with the computer and on eTwinning. I loved to taste the different traditional food from our countries.

    Célia's opinion-FR

    This project was very interesting to discover other cultures. I will always keep a good memory. I could better know my teachers and my headmistress when I did the trip with them in Cyprus and Slovakia. I participated to naw activites which were different from the ordinary lessons. I loved to create the escape game. I hope eTwinning and erasmus+ will continue for a long time in my school so more students will be able to participe to more projects. This project was a nice sharing experience and very enriching for me.

    Assita's opinion-FR

    This project was too good and very touchy. It is awesome to know more about the other cultures and to know more about the other countries. I loved to create games and speak in English with students of my age. This project enables me to discover Cyprus I didn't know it existed before the project. I know about its monuments, its food and I advise to all students to participate into an Erasmus+/ eTwinning project.

    Vitor's opinion-FR

    This is a good project to exchange with students of my age and who come from another country. The mixing culture is important because it brings knowledge. This project helps people to be less shy because now I can speak more to people I don't know. eTwinning and Erasmus+ must last in our Lycée Louis Blériot for a long time.

    Antoine's opinion-FR

    I think this project is very good to learn English. And it is necessary to learn languages. I discovered new culture from European countries. This project helps to work and motivate me. My school must continue to make eTwinning and Erasmus+ project

    Etienne's opinion-FR

    This project is a good programme. Thanks to Erasmus+ I was able to travel to Slovakia. It was great and very interesting. We also work on eTwinning to create different activities with students from Cyprus, Slovakia, the Netherlands. I improved my knowledged on computers. I am better now in English. I knew we were going to meet students from different countries so I worked well in English to speak with them.

    Emmanuel's opinion-FR

    I really like it !
    it was a good experience and chance to discover people from other contry.
    this help me to work in my english.

    My opinion on the project- Emma-SK

    I think it was very nice. It would be better if we were there in person, but these 3 virtual meetings were good. I enjoyed that. I learned about others contries and their cultures. People were really nice and im happy that i had a chance to experience that.


    I liked the project, especially meeting in France! It was great to meet other students and talk to them. We met different people and I have to say that it changed my attitude, I think I understand more how different we are and it is good.

    Chiara SK

    It was super fun. I was in Cyprus, I was afraid at first but then it was great.I practised English, it was fun to work with friends from other countries, it was best for me. I think that also we learnt lot of new things and I hope I will take part in project again.

    Lukas SK

    It was great! I liked everything, most of all visit in Cyprus. But also I liked a lot meeting in Slovakia where all countries came to my country and we had to prepare everything. I was fun.

    Brano - SK

    I was in France and it was the best experience I had at school. It was fun to cook there together with others. It was also good to keep in touch with friends from France, Cyprus and The Netherlands. I learn a lot, it was great project and I hope to be again part of another project

    Tomas SK

    I liked everything, but Cyprus was th best. I liked also meeting in Slovakia, it was great to welcome all in our school and town. I learnt more about partner countries and the activities were great. It is super to have such opportunity to be with others

    David - SK

    Super project, super people, I liked all. It was interesting and fun, I improved my English, I am in contact with others and it is great

    My opinion on the project

    My personal experience with the project was very positive, I learned a great deal of new things about cultures and people. I also got te experience a wonderfull culture in Cyprus with a lot of nice people and very delicious food. I have also always been very interested in the history of countries so it was wonderfull to see al of the monuments in cyprus and pictures of the other monuments in France and Slovakia.