12. Our 2nd newsletter

  • Objectives :

    • Develop written skills
    • Learn to work in international groups
    • Know how to summarize
    • Create a newsletter

    -----> You are going to write a newsletter: 

    You are back from mobility, it's time to create your emagazine. Choose your team, give a name to your teams so the teachers will know who you are and do the tasks below:


    Task 1

    Go to this forum and write the summary of the days in France. You are going to work in international team. Create your team and give the name of the authors of the articles. 

    Task 2

    Among your teams, decide who will add the photos and who will add the text into the emagazine. Then go to Madmagz and complete your page and when it is finish click on send.

    Names of your teams Blue Green Red Yellow

    Filip Jacub Pascalinah

    Loes Marios Sidy

    Daan Célia Chrystalla Sylem

    Bar Margarita Assita


    Tessa James



    Here the results of our newsletter