1. Who are we ?

  • Let's introduce ourselves


    • Know our teams
    • Create a team
    • Develop our written skills

    You will have four activities to introduce our teams.

    Task 1. Each student must fill in his or her profile. Give the following pieces of information:

    • Your age
    • Your nationality
    • Where do you go to school and what subjects do you study
    • Your hobbies
    • Choose an object you like and tell us why you like it

    Task 2. Upload a photo of your object as a photo for your profile

    • Careful photos must be free of copyright

    Task 3. We are going to discover our partners school.

    Task 4. You are going to answer to the questions you did in the previous document in the Forum. In order to reply to the question, you have to reply by clicking "Quote" and start your answer with telling from which country you are.

    In France, ....

    In Slovakia, ...

    In Cyprus,...

    In the Netherlands,...


    -------------------------------- > DEADLINE MID OCTOBER