21. Preparation for our TV show

  • Objectives :

    • Be able to give one's opinion
    • Develop one's English oral expression
    • Manage to do a summary of our project


    In order to prepare the visit in the Netherlands, you are going to prepare the questions for the realisation of the Tv show that we will do there. 

    Task 1:

    Can you find answers for these 4 questions

    1. What is, according to you, the goal of this exchange/project?
    2. What have you and your fellow students learned about the culture of the other countries?
    3. What stereotypes do you have on the Netherlands ?
    4. What else would you like to say to us about your country?


    Task 2:

    You can post your answers in the Twinblog below.


    Task 3:

    With your phone, you are going to record yourself giving the answer. One video per question. We need as many as possible of answers. The Dutch team will compile all your answers in one film.


    TIPS for recording your video :

    Hold your phone horizontally, it is very important to have a good quality.

    Stay close to your phone for good sound quality. 

    Film yourself (or let someone els film you) in a medium shot. Like this:


  • Write here your answers (one answer per post)

    Question 1: What is, according to you, the goal of this exchange/project?

    I think it's to discover new horizons for students who cannot afford to travel and discover the European Union and learn different cultures.


    Q3. stereotypes on the Netherlands

    I think the Netherlands is the country of bicycles.

    question 1

    For me the goal of the project is to improve my english, gain autonomy and discover other cultures

    Question 1

    The goal of this project is improve my English, know another people and discorver other country.

    question 1

    The goal of this exchange is learning of the country that you visited. You can improve your english and meet anybody.


    Question 4: What else would you like to say to us about your country?

    In France there are a lot of French people who complain on every thing


    Q1. The goal of this exchange

    To make relation betwen different student from different country.

    Question 3.

    I have a few stereotypes! You have a lot of tulip fields in the Netherlands, a lot of windmills too. It happens that you are the tallest people in average in the world..I'm jealous.

    Question3:What stereotypes do you have on the Netherlands ?

    There are a lot of parties in the capital and the citizens are all tall


    I think that France is the country of love because there are a lot of poems

    Question 2

    For me, we learned food, music and dance in Slovakia, Cyrpus and Netherlands and their History. There are many traditions.


    Question 4.

    Something to say about France. I'd say that we are very much in love with baguette bread and that we love cheese, and let's not forget the wine glasses and bottles.

    Question 3

    For me, the stereotype in Netherlands is bicycles


    Question 2.

    I have learned a lot, yet haven't been anywhere. My fellow friends has taught me about all the travels and things they learned. I saw the films and pictures of the different trips.

    Question 4

    I'm from France and for me, France is a beautiful country but there are many rubish on the floor.


    Question 2:What have you and your fellow students learned about the culture of the other countries?

    We learn in Cyprus the traditional dance Sirtaki

    Question 1.

    According to me, This exchange is for learning new things and going places to know better about our fellow neighbors.


    1.The goal of this project is to learn new languages, discover new countries, learn about habits traditions in other countries and ofcourse make a friends.
    2.When i was to Cyprus i learned about their culture, habits, language and kitchen.
    3. Ithink that there are no mountains, they use a lot bicycles and ofcourse they are really good in football.
    4. Here in Slovakia we have very nice nature, a lot of cultural sights, habits, traditions and we have beautiful girls here.
    Lukas K


    Question 1 : I think the main goal is to discover new countries and their traditions and be able to see how education works in another countries. Of course make new friends and learn another languages.
    Question 2: I was in Cyprus and I learned that they like dancing and have amazing food as well as monuments.
    Question 3: really flat country with no mountains, really tall people and a lot of bicycles
    Question 4: Slovakia is beautiful country with a lot of nature. We have nice mouments and very good food. We have lot of historical villages.
    -Tomáš L


    Question 1: In my opinion the goal is to communicate, make friends and learn more about countries.
    Question 2: Iwas in Cyprus and I learned a lot about history, food but also school and I learned new words such as Keliméra (Good morning), Kalí nichta (Good night) etc.
    Question 3: People ride bicycles there, they have the largest port of Rotterdam and it is a flat country.
    Question 4: We have beautiful nature in Slovakia. The highest peak in High Tatras is Gerlachovský štít. Bryndzové halušky are a traditional food.
    -Chiara H


    1 :My opinion is that the goal of this exchange/project is to learn more and discover new things about the culture and the way of living of the other countries.
    2 :The things that caught my attention while learning new things from my fellow students were for sure their food and also their dancing.
    3 :The stereotypes i have for Netherlands is obviously the amount of bicycles the people ride there and also the stroopwafels that the students from Netherlands brought us so we could taste them and I’m telling you that since i’ve tried them they are my favorite sweet thing to eat now .
    4 :Since most of the holidays are over there’s one more waiting for us and it’s the Carnival. Here in Cyprus we always enjoy to join a carnival parade because it’s fun and you can dress up as whatever you want.
    Anna A


    1: The goal of this project is to make new friends from other countries. Also we learn the culture , traditions and a lot of different interesting things about them. Moreover, all of the students have the chance to learn another language and that’s an advantage for us.
    2: We learned about their music. We saw and tried their traditional dance and that was the best for me. Also we tasted their delicious food.
    3: The Netherlands has a lot of bicycles and this is so good for the environment.
    4: In Cyprus we had a lot of amazing places to visit. The beaches in Cyprus are one of the most beautiful attractions for people. Also we have a lot of museums about the Cypriot history.
    Sonia A

    Question 1

    I think that the goal of this exchange is to encourage students from various countries to meet each other and to gain knowledge about each other's culture.

    Question 2

    We have learned about food habits, music and traditions of Slovakia, Netherlands and France.

    Question 3

    My stereotypes about Netherlands is the extensive usage of bicycles and the fact that is a flat country

    Question 4

    I would like to invite everyone to come and visit Cyprus again, because i think its a great country with very hospitable inhabitants